08 August 2014

Friday Fun

Kyle has been gone for the better part of this week and we are so happy to get him back today! We have some fun weekend plans in the works if the weather cooperates. 

Showering is a spectator sport. Mallory is obsessed will all things water! Namely the dog's water bucket and baths. Her's or mine. The girl will not allow me to bathe without either joining me or crawling under the shower curtain to get a better look. I've resorted to sitting down in the tub and using our hand held shower head to bathe so Mal can watch without getting soaked. I'm sure she will cringe reading this one day. ;)

We are hitting Hatcher Pass today for redemption. Last year we went to Hatcher Pass in hopes of picking blueberries and fireweed, but we were a day late and a dollar short. As Kyle said "they are all picked to death!" I saw Whitney's post about pickin' and it reminded me to get it in gear! We will not come up empty handed this year!

I just can't pull the trigger. Ok. Story time. Kyle finally took the plunge and sold his ATV. Woo hoo! He then told me that I should take the extra money we made on the sale and "get a new bag or whatever women buy." Too easy, right? Wrong. I have been having the hardest time actually buying a new bag. Very un-Amanda like. This parenting gig is weighin' me down. Kid needing a new car seat and all that... sheesh! 

Isn't it dreamy?! I'd probably go for the black one...

My nail polish brand loyalty may be making a shift. Early this week I shared this photo on Instagram

I'm loving this stuff! I'm still wearing this on both my fingers and toes without any chipping! That is better than salon gel manicures (LED cured) do for me. SCORE! Now, my question is, do you think this top coat is the secret or the combo of the two polishes? What I'm getting at is I would like to try the top coat with some of my existing polishes.... hmmmmm.

And that's all the random she wrote!

What do you have going on this weekend?

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