29 August 2014

Friday Fun!

It's finally the weekend! Thanks to the Army, we get Kyle for four days in a row! We are planning to hit the Alaska State Fair (later on today if the weather cooperates) & work on our never-ending list of projects on the house. I mayyy even sneak out of the house at some point solo, but lets not get ahead of ourselves here. ;)
On to the randomness that is on the agenda for this Friday...
I may enjoy turf time more than my daughter does. A wide open indoor soccer field (frequently all to ourselves) with all the balls (sport type balls, come on now) we could ever dream of... Kind of makes me want to dust off the ol' cleats and sign up for one of the adult leagues for washed up soccer players.  

I may or may not have peed in my car. Sheesh, if this isn't a confession, I don't know what is! Let me explain. So, I found myself about 40 minutes from home with a napping baby and very very full bladder. Unfortunately, it wasn't someplace where I could really be Alaskan and just pee in the woods, or that would have been the answer. Do I wet my pants? Nope! I put that old Venti Starbucks cup to good use. Waking the sleeping beast baby to run in the gas station to relieve myself was simply not an option! (Please tell me I'm not the only person that's done this...)

Taking selfies with a full on tripod and camera is AWKWARD! I was itching to get out and practice with my new tripod, so I figured I would also mess around with the self timer. Holy smokes! How do fashion bloggers do this? Do you have a drink first!? I was literally giggling with embarrassment the whole time! So bizarre! 
Awkward or not, here are some of the stragglers I was waiting on from that recent purchases post

jacket || jeans || shoes 

Mama ::  top || jeans || shoes 
Mally :: jeggings || top || headband 

I've been borderline obsessing trying to find the perfect pair of tan riding boots for fall. 

I love how simple and classic these are!
But I would just die to have these in my closet! Can somebody get with Ralph and have him knock about $1k off of these babies for me? Thanks! 

Changes are a brewin' on this here blog and I can't wait to show you! I'll give you a hint and tell you that these changes have to do with Elizabeth... 
Can't wait to hear about your long weekend! Enjoy :)

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