05 August 2014

How I Helped My Hair Grow After Chemo

Frequently, cancer treatment (namely chemotherapy) and hair loss go hand in hand. Not everyone undergoing cancer treatment will experience varying degrees of hair loss, but many do. Admittedly, when I first learned that I had cancer, losing my hair was the least of my worries. I simply didn't care. It wasn't until my treatment was over and I was feeling well did my hair "situation" bother me. I felt good and wanted my long curly hair back somethin' fierce!

I've tried everything under the sun in effort to hurry this process along and I'm here to share what worked for me! 
hair growth tips

|| Damage Prevention. This is huge! Anything that is a part of your hair routine that can be damaging to your hair should be kept to a minimum (ie. heat styling.) Breakage does not promote hair growth. 
|| Biotin/Vitamins. Tons of people recommend taking biotin supplements and/or prenatal vitamins. I just stuck with the prenatals since they typically have 100% of the daily value of biotin anyway. (Of course, check with your dr. before you add any supplements to your diet.)

|| Water. Stay hydrated! (apx. 9 cups per day) This is important for so. many. things. including your hair, skin and nails. 
|| Regular Trims. I know, I know. This is kind of counter intuitive, but it's a must! This ties back in with working to prevent damage. Split ends do not facilitate hair growth. Make sure you are very clear with your stylist about what you are looking for in your trim. I always said I just want a "dusting" of my ends. If I felt like my message wasn't coming across crystal clear, I would whip out the ol' cancer card. They most definitely won't over trim your locks after that. ;)
Kate from The Small Things Blog talks about the importance of getting regular trims in this video around 12:15. 

|| Pony Tail. Ok. So this one is kind of a cheat. Everyone eventually gets to that awkward hair length that you simply can't work with! Rather than being tempted to heat style or get crazy with a hair cut, I just wore it up more. Top knot. Braid. Pony tail. Etc. A couple of months go by and even you are surprised by the added length!

|| Condition. It wasn't until very recently that I added coconut oil to my hair care routine, and I've really enjoyed it! It's a cheap way to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. 
***Some of my favorite hair care products are listed at the bottom of this post!
|| Hair Washing Routine. Shampooing your hair less frequently may actually help keep your hair healthier, especially if your conditioning efforts are a little spotty. ;) 

I love Veronika's hair washing routine. She even has a video with a little more detail!

|| Focus on something else. No, your hair isn't what it used to be. It's awkward and you didn't have a say in the matter. While you are waiting for your beautiful hair to return, focus on a different aspect of your appearance. I don't mean this in a vain way, but girls like hair, make up, clothes, etc! It just is what it is. Dive into make up or become a nail polish addict like me. Ha!

Remember, your hair won't come back overnight, so embrace your current look in the mean time. 
You look great! ;)
Read more about my hair care and why I cut my own hair at home HERE!

Shop some of my favorite hair care products using the widget below! Don't forget to click the arrow to see more. 

Happy shopping!

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Do you have any hair growth secrets to share with the class? SPILL!

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