21 August 2014

Mallory's 10 Month Update

Ten Months?! Ten. Months. Old?? That's dangerously close to 11 months which is damn near ONE YEAR OLD. No way!

Way. Here we are with our ten month old Mallory Susan :) The standing thing is now in full swing! She still crawls everywhere she wants to go (quickly I might add) but she really enjoys being on her feet! She still wobbles a ton, so maybe she'll hold off on walking just a littttttttle while longer. ;)

Mallory does NOT have time to have her diaper changed during the day. She has places to go and people to see which makes diapers changes look more like a WWE wrestling match. Thankfully the car seat upgrade seems to have curbed her aversion for being in the car a bit. 1 point for Mom and Dad! We ended up getting her the Britax Boulevard G4 Plus convertible car seat.

Mallory continues to find our dogs, Schatzi and LT to be down right hysterical! She is particularly interested in watching them eat. Not good. Sometimes, she too will grab a handful of dog food and chow down. So gross! Mallory also really enjoys their water bucket. Splashing in the water bucket. Putting things into the water bucket. Dumping the water bucket and splashing on the floor. Whatever the case may be, the water bucket never fails to show Mally a good time.

She still only has 6 teeth. No new teeth this month which is fiiiiiiiiine with my nipples me. What color do you think her hair is? In natural light we usually think it looks pretty red. In public, if I'm holding her people say red, but if Kyle is holding her, they say blonde. Science tells us she will be a strawberry blonde, what do you think?

Mallory is still wearing size 4 diapers and size "yeah, this looks like it will fit" clothing. The Carter's bodysuit she's wearing in these photos is 12 months. She is holding strong at about 21 pounds. We had her in the doctor earlier this month for her first ear/respiritory infection combo. :( She had a panda bear nebulizer and amoxicillin for daysss. [Ps. I think Kyle was more traumatized by the "pink medicine" than anyone. When he got home at realized what she was going to be taking he goes- "Oh helllll no! Do you remember that shit?! F*nasty! When can she start taking the pills?".....}

Mallory really enjoys being outside, especially in the backyard where she can play with the dogs AND try to climb the fence. In addition to grass, dirt and rocks, Mallory is about 60/40 right now breastmilk/solids. She took a step backward in the solids department while she was sick, but she is back on track eating anything we eat. A new development in the food department is that she will not touch "baby food," if we aren't eating it she wants nothing to do with it!

She has been doing a ton more babbling! Mal really has a cadence and expression that make it look like she's trying to tell us something. We expect that one of these days in the not so distant future we will have her first word or two!  (She says dada and mama but not 100% of the time AT the correct person, so we aren't counting it. )

We are hoping to stay busy this month soaking up the last bit of Mallory's first Alaskan summer. We have the Alaska State Fair, camping and fishing on the books. :)
Happy Thursday!

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