06 August 2014

Office Space

Our "office" is the office that isn't. It is really our spare bedroom that we put a desk/computer in. Honestly, a dedicated office probably won't be in our near future. Playroom trumps office, agreed? Anyway, long story short, I've been itching to update the little corner of our home that we call our office. 
The spare bedroom as a whole has a bit of a University of Tennessee theme going on. Our diplomas are on the wall along with the below photo from our engagement session. From there it became the "Tennessee room!"
This is our "office" currently. I like to keep business cards in front of me as well as a month (in theory) of blog post ideas. Add a touch of inspiration, family love and UT pride, bam! Our "office." We eventually want our current desk to be used in a playroom. Since it's older we figured it would hide kid funk the best. ;)

warmer || chairs || desk || baskets || frames
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Do you have a small non office, office? Any ideas for me?

Psst. Check out our living room here

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