14 August 2014

On Repeat

I love experimenting with new products as much as the next gal. Picking up something you read about on a blog or have heard a friend rave about is fun. However, there are some things that I just don't waver from. My tried and true products that I repurchase time and time again. 

1. Bobbi Brown's Color Corrector || I use this product to neutralize dark circles and any redness on my face prior to applying my foundation. I love it's effectiveness, it's staying power and that it isn't drying.

2. iPhone || Wait, are there other phones out there? Ever since I got my very first iPhone (the iPhone 3 I believe) I've been hooked. I've never even entertained the idea of trying any of the other smartphones that are out there. We have an iPad, an iMac and iPhones...it just makes sense. We are Apple people. ;)

3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind || This stuff has been in my vanity since probably high school! It is inexpensive, easy to use and just works. I like that I can reapply throughout the day without it looking cakey. It's a must have!

4. Benefit's Eye Bright pencil || This is a more recent product. I think I've only been using this for the past two-ish years, but it's great! Normally, I apply this to the inner corners of my eye and waterline, but if i'm having an exceptionally rough morning, it goes on the under eye area as well. Just like it's name implies, it really brightens things up!

5. Maybelline Mega Plush || I've never been a fan of high end mascaras. Nothing ever compares to this stuff. This was likely one of the first mascaras I grabbed back in the day when I started playing around with make-up and it stuck. I buy the waterproof formula which seems to hold a curl better than the regular stuff. The wand is flexible which helps me get each and every lash!

6. Secret Outlast deodorant || Nobody likes to be sweaty and smell gross... I sweat. Like, a lot. This deodorant works the best for me, even compared to some of the "clinical" versions. 

7. Seche Vite || If you are looking for a great quick drying top coat, try this stuff out! I kid you not, it allows me to knock out a ten minute polish change while Mallory is playing. WIN! The only negative is I don't think it offer much additional chipping protect.

8. Crest 3D White toothpaste || Random, right? Ever since this first came out I've been a loyal repurchaser. It's so refreshing and helps fight the staining from the pot of coffee I've probably consumed throughout the day.

9. Out The Door || This is similar to Seche Vite in that it is quick drying. What I like about this top coat though is that it does offer an additional day or two without chipping. The downside is that towards the end of the bottle, the product seems to get a bit thick and sticky. :/ Moral of the story is to keep BOTH of these top coats in your collection!

10. MAC Fluidline || Honestly, wearing eyeliner doesn't happen much anymore. But when I do where eyeliner, it's this stuff. I get it in the color "dip down." Gel eyeliners are more blendable in my opinion, giving me the ability to create the more natural look that I like. This one in particular last all day and is the perfect shade!

11. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish || I use this as a setting powder to lock my foundation in place and kind of mattify things. Works like a charm!

12. Up & Up makeup remover || This one is crazy to me. I've tried sooooo many different eye makeup removers and nothing does it quite like this one. It gets all of my waterproof mascara off without rubbing and is so affordable. Why spend more? 
** Target brand pore strips || I can't find these online, but they have to be mentioned! One of my biggest skin issues are blackheads. (gross) I always kept the Biore pore strips in my bathroom until I randomly tried the Up & Up Brand strips (probably on accident.) The Target brand pore strips are 100x better! They are so much more effective! If you use pore strips, definitely grab the these babies. 
What products do you repurchase?

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