11 September 2014

A Pregnancy Story

The week for "Throwback Thursday" I wanted to share my pregnancy with Mallory, or "Baby M."  Bear with me as this post is a bit on the lengthy side. I tried to take detailed notes to have for us to look back on and I pinky promise to take better photos the next time I'm pregnant!

Here we go!

Kyle and I found out I was pregnant on February 26, 2013 while we were staying in Edmonton during our move to Alaska. We knew something was up because I was ravenous! I was out eating Kyle by a long shot!  So, Kyle suggested we grab a test [...or 7] and sure enough; I was pregnant! 

This date was extra special because it is also my Cancerversary. :) 

After arriving in Alaska, I scheduled my very first OB appointment! We answered 9,000 questions about our family history and got a little sneak peak at our precious baby.

Baby M at 8 weeks
For the first several weeks, I felt miserable! I lost quite a bit of weight due to morning sickness [ahem, all day sickness] which lasted until about 12 weeks. Kyle pretty much hated life during those first weeks. Me, Kyle and both of the dogs were living in a hotel. He was learning a new job. We were buying a house and I was a wretched, hormonal bitch. Oops!

baby bump at 8 weeks
Selfie in our hotel room.

baby bump at 13 weeks

13 Weeks Pregnant || We waited until the first trimester was over to announce my pregnancy to the world. It felt so good to finally get out more now that I was feeling a little better. Baby M even let me hike Bodenburg Butte!

baby bump at 14 weeks

14 Weeks Pregnant || I swear we make the bed! I started wearing maternity pants at this point. The ol' hair tie trick just wasn't cutting it anymore!

baby bump at 15 weeks

15 Weeks Pregnant  || We scheduled an appointment for week 16 to hopefully confirm Baby M's sex! We couldn't wait to share that with everyone!

baby bump at 16 weeks


16 Weeks Pregnant || During our 12 week NT scan the sonographer "guessed" that we were having a girl using the "nub theory", but it wasn't confirmed until now. I was absolutely thrilled to be expecting a baby girl! Kyle's response: "Grrreeat. Now, rather than worrying about one penis, I have to worry about everyone else's". HA! Lovely Kyle. 

baby bump at 17 weeks

17 Weeks Pregnant || I definitely began to feel little flutters. I suspect I was feeling them even sooner than this but everyone SWORE I wasn't since this was my first pregnancy. 

baby bump at 18 weeks

18 Weeks Pregnant || Kyle and I took a 5 week child birth course offered by our hospital. It was OK. No earth shattering information but did prompt us to have some conversations about our birthing preferences sooner rather than later. We also ran in Anchorage's first ever Color Run!

baby bump at 19 weeks

19 Weeks Pregnant ||  Baby M is the size of a Cantaloupe! She has fingernails, yawns and hiccups, kicks/flips/punches, functioning tastebuds and her eyelids and eyebrows are developed. Pretty crazy stuff! 

baby bump at 20 weeks

20 Weeks Pregnant || This week marks "halftime" of the pregnancy. Holy cow! We asked our family and friends to say a quick prayer for M's anatomy scan this week. Throughout the pregnancy I was pretty chill about things, but this scan gave me a little anxiety. Everything look absolutely perfect!

baby bump at 21 weeks

 21 Weeks Pregnant || I was feeling M move around very regularly at this point! Kyle walked in from work one day this week and said "wow! you look plump!" How sweet.... But I'm so thankful that she's happy and we're both healthy! 

baby bump at 22 weeks

22 Weeks Pregnant || Kyle got to feel the baby kick for the first time this weekend and it seems like she hasn't stopped moving since! I think I'm growing a spaz!

baby bump at 23 weeks

23 Weeks Pregnant || She continues to move around more and more each day and I love it! We are looking forward to hitting the 24 week mark and our OB appointment next week. 

baby bump at 24 weeks

24 Weeks Pregnant || Baby was measuring perfectly at the 24 week appointment; I however, was measuring MASSIVE. My OB told me I had already gained all of the weight I was supposed to for the entire pregnancy! I was so frustrated about this because I really didn't feel that my caloric intake was that much higher and I was still exercising 6 days a week.

baby bump at 25 weeks

25 Weeks Pregnant || Our family and friends threw us the most wonderful baby shower during this week. Even though we were so far away, they set up a video feed so they could watch us open gifts! The invitations even included little shower games that we could play from afar! This is also the week I pretty much stopped running regularly and began walking/jogging. 

baby bump at 26 weeks

baby bump at 27 weeks

26/27 Weeks Pregnant || Not much to report, just feeling large and in charge...

baby bump at 28 weeks

28 Weeks Pregnant || Officially in the THIRD trimester! We had the screening for gestational diabetes this week. I failed the first glucose test and passed the second. 

baby bump at 29 weeks

29 Weeks Pregnant || Still feeling pretty decent and the nesting instinct was in full effect! Mallory's nursery was just about finished at this point.

Army Formal

baby bump at 30 weeks

30 Weeks Pregnant || Kyle and I attended his Brigade's Ball. No heels for this gal! Feet were SWOLLEN!

baby bump at 31 weeks

31 Weeks Pregnant || Braxton Hicks contractions and shortness of breath were in full swing! I was starting to feel very ready to meet baby M.
baby bump at 32 weeks

32 Weeks Pregnant || This was a very exciting milestone for us to reach as the health issues associated with M being born at this point are less severe.

baby bump at 33 weeks

33 Weeks Pregnant || Kyle showed me up and packed his hospital bag and installed M's carseat this week (in my defense he was going out of town for a few weeks so he had to get it done).

baby bump at 34 weeks

34 Weeks Pregnant || I started wearing the belly support band this week because I was having some hip pain.  I would definitely suggest getting one since it provided enough relief to make walking and laying down comfortable again. This week marks another pregnancy milestone as our OB no longer tries to "stop" pre term labor; they don't encourage it, but Baby M is big and strong enough to do ok (with help) if she were born now.

baby bump at 35 weeks

35 Weeks Pregnant || No longer wearing my wedding rings :( Sleeping is nearly impossible at this point. Between the heartburn, hormones, hugeness and obnoxiously loud snoring, I'm convinced I will sleep more once M arrives.

baby bump at 36 weeks

36 Weeks Pregnant || Feelin' huge and well...huge. We met with a lactation consultant this week for a mini breastfeeding lesson and to ask any lingering questions we had. 

Mallory was born at 36 weeks and 4 days! 

Read our birth story here!

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