09 September 2014


Fresh. A word that is usually associated with spring. But as fall approaches, I'm the urge to "refresh."  I'm wanting less clutter, less dirt & less mess. I'm needing coziness, family time, organization, and all things pretty! The computer and my iPhone are even getting a good "purge!" I wonder what it is about preparing for the Alaskan winter that has me in this mood? 

We've been working hard to brighten things up around the house.  In our case that includes all new carpeting, refinishing baseboards and new interior doors. White baseboards and doors. Very "not white, keeps the dirt and dog hair invisible" color carpet. The best way we have found to describe the new look is "clean" and we dig it. 

I donated a bunch of old clothes that haven't been worn in ages and put away the things that Mallory has grown out of. Decluttering our closets just makes me feel lighter (even if the ol' britches disagree.) Speaking of closets. I've agreed to allow Kyle to move back into our bedroom. Ha! Yeah right! Just his clothes. Ok, for real. We totally share a bed, just haven't been sharing a closet. The man lives by the "strip and leave your clothes on the floor and never ever put them away" philosophy and I don't play that. So, his clothes got the boot a few months ago. After some finagling, I think we can work out our differences. ;)

Making lists of fall wardrobe and home decor pieces that we need want has me feeling all kinds of excited about the upcoming months! (Don't forget to share all of your fall "gear" wishes with us on Monday!) Sure the darkness and cold weather can be kind of a drag, but we never have to worry about having a cool crisp Halloween night or that fluffy white stuff around Christmas time. (Too soon? Sorry!)

The new design along with some calendar/scheduling trial and error has lit a fire under my ass with regard to all things blogging! Writing things down and knowing what to expect/prepare for motivates me tremendously. 

Decluttering with regard to "paper work" is always tricky for me. I'm notorious for throwing away important shit. I think a good place for me to start with this issue would be to stop all paper bills. I don't even open the things! I just toss them in our crap collector (basket on the kitchen counter) to be filed, except the filing part never happens. Speaking of which, I need to clean out that filing cabinet... but lets not get crazy.

What's not crazy, is getting my hair done this Saturday! If a fresh trim and color doesn't make you feel anew then I don't know what will!

Hmm. Maybe this is a good time for me to do one of those declutter challenges? You know, since I'm feeling all motivated...
Have you been bit by the spring cleaning fall cleaning bug?

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