03 September 2014

It's Football Time In Tennessee!

Now, I'm not one to rush into things... But up here in Alaska, it's fall. Cool, crisp, colorful leaves, fall! While I'm not ready to break out the riding boots or Lincoln Park After Dark, I am ready to resupply my college game day attire. 
game day apparel
Thanks to a little young adult indecisiveness and cancer, I did a little college tour de USA. I attended The University of Arizona, University of Tennessee, East Tennessee State University then University of Tennessee again. Phew! Kyle and I met at UT. I attended UT the longest, and I graduated from UT. So, Volunteer orange it is!
It's been three years (yikes!!) since I graduated, so a resupply is definitely in order! Not only that, but I have a mini Volunteer to dress now too. ;)
Here are somethings I have my eye on for ::
game day apparel

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine

game day apparel
one || two || three || four
The real issue is going to be finding a local watering hole to actually watch Tennessee games. Believe it or not there aren't too many Vol fans up here in Alaska. Weird. ;)
Are you excited for football season? Was football a religion at your school too?

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