24 September 2014

Mallory's Eleven Month Update

Well well well. Here we are at the last monthly update before I have a ONE YEAR OLD! 

Miss Mally has been keeping me on my toes lately, while she stands on hers of course. She is much more confident on her feet and happily walks with the help of her nearby couch, coffee table, chair or parents' leg. 

Mallory is saying dada, mama, yes and this. She is probably using a couple more words than that, but goodness she babbles all day long! It takes me a while to put it together... ;) It is fun listening to her experiment with different sounds. Lately it sounds like she is speaking a foreign language. Lots of yodeling like sounds HA! 

Changing Mal's diaper and getting her dressed is quite the production. Kyle says it's like wrangling a wild hog and I'd have to agree. She has me dreading diaper changes just as much as she does. Is this just a phase? Please...

She is still wearing size 4 diapers and 12 months in Carters. I buy her clothes in the 12 months to 2T range; it totally depends on the brand!

Mallory totally loves being outside! She has pretty much happy across the board as long as we are outdoors. I suppose I can't complain much about that. ;) She still puts any and everything in her mouth. Among her favorites are rocks, dirt and grass. She has also taken up licking things which is always good for a laugh from Mom and Dad. At some point I'm sure it will stop being funny...

One of my favorite developments this past month was Mally started giving kisses!! The mouth wide open kind...so sweet! She can be kind of stingy with her kisses, she has to be in the right mindset. Can we hold that against her? I think not. 

We have been spending lots of weekdays at Turf Time. Mallory loves watching the other kids play, crawling around like a crazy person and licking all the toys. Kyle was able to join us for the first time a week or so ago. :) It's amazing how early they start to interact differently with each parent. They play totally different together than Mal and I do.  (Check out the wild hair day she was having! Hehe!)

And just like that I'm less than a month away from having a one year old. This parenting gig is a real trip! It's nearly impossible to imagine what our lives were like before we had Mal...It's just way too good now.
We love you kiddo!

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