12 September 2014

Oh hey, Friday!

Ahhh. Friday. Thank you for gracing us with your presence! Cheers to two blissful days of co-parenting. ;)

Here are a handful of happenings from our neck of the woods this week...

ONE || Taking photos of Mally is quite the ordeal lately. She has about 99 things to do and sitting still for pictures ain't one! Between the dogs playing and Mal getting her hands on my lens cap, it's a wonder I got any photos at all. Oh the struggle... ;)

bow || top || leggings

TWO || Do you remember me telling you I was eye screwing this Michael Kors bag? Well, wouldntcha know it, that baby is on sale at the PX!!! Someone please hit me with the "just buy the bag already" lecture please...(Kyle, mind your own business.)
THREE || Pending the Army's cooperation, I get to sneak out of the house this weekend for a hair appointment!!! Is there anything better than somebody else washing your hair? I mean honestly?  I'm just getting some more highlights, but I'm a bit nervous since I'm trying someplace new... The place I've been loyal to since moving to Alaska kind of pissed me off when I called to schedule a trim last week. They went out of their way to "remind" me that children were not welcome in their salon. I get it, kids can be a mega salon wet blanket, but ehh -- it just rubbed me the wrong way. I try to schedule appointments when Kyle is available, but hey... shit happens! So I will take my wet blanket child money elsewhere!
This is the photo I'm taking with me to show the stylist the "cool" blonde color I'm looking for. 
FOUR || I'm a sucker for those daily deals sites. This Coco to My Chanel Top made it into that little online shopping cart two nights ago! I'm thinking this will go perfectly with black skinny jeans, a top knot and some Chucks. (Psst! This top is still available and it's only $13.99! Get yours here!!)
FIVE || Online shopping for fall themed pieces to include in Monday's link up has been a blast! I'm thinking I will have three categories; Mama (clothes), Mal (clothes) and home (decor/recipes)... Things are quickly spiraling out of control. Ha! Hope to see you and your shopping list there! ;)
Your turn!
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