23 September 2014

Pyrah's Fall Festival

It seems like Kyle is out of town for the better part of this season, so I was pumped when a family activity actually lined up with a weekend he was home! Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm is Alaska's largest U-Pick location and just a few miles from our house! (Remember, I just tried this place for the first time a few weeks ago!) Each year they host a fall festival to celebrate the harvest! Since fall lasts approximately 30 seconds here in Alaska, we just had to partake in the festivities. They had a little bit of everything fall! Angry spuds, corn maze, potato sack races, hay rides, and a leaf throwing pit just to name a few. 

I wasn't expecting the fields to be open, but sure enough, they were! We were planning on making this Zuppa Toscana copycat recipe for dinner that night, so we decided to pick some fresh potatoes and kale while we were there. (That recipe turned out amazing! Definitely recommend it.)

While we were further away from the commotion, we decided to take advantage of the great weather and beautiful scenery to snap a few photos. I was kicking myself for not throwing on some make up and bringing my tripod...Christmas cards anyone?! Ha!

 top (old Janie and Jack--love this one) || jeggings

scarf (similar) || jacket  
One of our only complaints about this event was that they just didn't seem prepared for such a large turnout. The lines were insane by the time we made our way back from the fields! Also, the "pumpkin patch" wasn't very impressive, so we left empty handed in that regard. BUT, we had a great time nonetheless. In fact, just as the lines were starting to get long, we grabbed a couple of barbecue sandwiches, a funnel cake and a slice of pumpkin pie.  If pumpkin pie doesn't get you in the mood for fall, I don't know what will. ;)
Do you have any fall festivals in your area? 

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