31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!!

 Wishing you a very happy Halloween! 

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement

From our GROWING family to yours. 

Halloween Pregnancy Announcement
Due : May 2015

22 October 2014

Currently 2.0

Today I'm collaborating with Rebecca from the Rebecca Chapman blog! Rebecca has a few "currently" posts on her blog and they are some of my favorites. I think these are a fun, cute and quick way to kind of check in. :) 

With this post, Rebecca provided some photos of what she is "currently" and I provided all the verbiage of what I'm "currently." 


Thinking || I should really be doing laundry and packing for our trip to Milwaukee. It's weird to be traveling to Wisconsin and have to plan for warmer weather! Mallory and I are traveling overnight for the first time since she stopped nursing. Should be interesting...

Listening || To the sound of static on the baby monitor and absolutely nothing else!! Wooo hooo!

Feeling || Content. :) I have a napping baby and a little bit of quite time after a morning full of books and toys. Not a bad day so far.

Hoping || That the weather stays nice enough to hit the playground when Mallory wakes up! It's been a few days and I think she is itching to eat some rocks. 

Wanting || These! My closet is lacking the black riding boot staple. That's borderline unacceptable!

Wondering || How long it will take me to save up for this bag. I mean come on... (If anyone is near Kyle, please begin CRP.)

Needing || To clean my house! I feel like this is always on my list these days. It stays "picked up" for approximately 30 seconds before tornado Mallory comes tearing through. I'm convinced she thinks everything belongs on the floor.

Cooking || We may be having left over shrimp étouffée (I used this recipe as my guide and made adjustments for our family's taste buds.) for the third night in a row... Either that, or I'm really in the mood for some stroganoff. Mmmmmm!

Loving || My new iPhone 6plus. I was initially concerned that it would take me a while to get used to, but I'm already obsessed! It is so much faster plus the battery life and camera are amazing! 

Wearing || Ha! You don't even want to know...

You can find my first "currently" post here and don't forget to stop by and say "hey" to Rebecca

Happy Hump Day!

21 October 2014

Mallory's One Year Update

Our girl is ONE! We aren't huge birthday people, so nothing Pinterest worthy here. ;) We kept thing simple with cake for breakfast and a few birthday toys. Mallory typically prefers savory over sweet foods but certainly had a ball with her cake! She didn't eat much but it was so fun watching her play in it. Schatzi and LT were grateful for the mess. 

At her one year check up Mallory weighed in at 22 pounds and measured 29 inches tall. Not much weight gain, but her doctor gave her rolls a little pinch and said she is doing juuuuussst fine. ;) Mally still only has 6 teeth but is definitely working on a molar or two...

Mal still isn't walking but her confidence is growing by the day! (Her mom and dad are in no hurry for her to meet this milestone...) She loves standing, using her walker and walking along furniture, but the power crawl is still her go to. In the clothing department not much has changed since last month. Still in size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothing.

Major changes this month in the sleep and eating department. Not only is she sleeping in her own bed AND napping, but she is no longer breastfeeding! (I think i've finally stopped crying over the no breast feeding part.) "Real" food is now her primary source of nutrition and she is quite pleased with that. We have enough of a freezer stash for her to continue having at least a bottle or two of breast milk for the next month or so. I'm working on writing up our co-sleeping to crib experience soon!

Mallory has made great strides in the vocabulary department lately! She now says : Mama, Dada, Nana, "og"- dog, yes, this, that, "ook" (either book or look, we'll get back to you on that) shakes her head no, waves hello and bye-bye, and points at anything she wants! Still sounds like she is speaking a foreign language when she is babbling and frequently looks at us like we are crazy for not understanding her. Who knew that look started so young?!

We love you Mallory Susan! 

16 October 2014

Alphabet Lovin'

It's been a hot minute since I did a "getting to know you post" so I figured, what the hell! Here are a list of my favorite things A-Z... enjoy! 
A - Animal || The boring answer to this one is obviously dogs. But, if we are feeling adventurous I'd have to go with penguins! How cute are they?!

B - Brand || Apple. Does anyone else even make electronics? 

C - Color || My favorite color changes with the wind, but lately it's either green or purple. 

D - Drink || Let's do a favorite in multiple categories, shall we? Coffee, Diet Coke, Orange Juice, Bud Light. If I had to pick one drink forever and always it would be water. Just plain ol' water. Womp, wooommmmpp..

E - Exercise || Running! Although I don't even feel honest typing that since it hasn't happened regularly since before Mallory was born. :(

F - Flower || Tulip or Sunflower. (I'm not sure Kyle has ever been privy to that information...hmmm, fresh flowers would look great on my kitchen table. Cough*)

G - Garment || Again, the boring answer to this would be dark skinny ankle cuff jeans. I hardly ever wear any other type of pants! The less expected answer would probably be my puffy vest from Old Navy. I wear it constantly up here!

H - Human || No way. There is no possible way I could pick a favorite. Mallory and Kyle...I dig both of them ;) 

I - Instrument || iPod? I can play roughly zero instruments myself, unless you count the recorder or wood block. I love the way the trumpet sounds though. Props to those who are musically inclined!

J - Job || Hands down being a mom! Being a wife is pretty great too. [I wrote all about my dream job here.]

K - Karaoke Song || You would never catch me dead singing karaoke! My favorite song lately though is "Dirt" by Florida Georgia Line.

L - Lunch ||  Panera (you pick two : broccoli cheddar and frontage chicken) or Zoe's Kitchen (steak kebobs), neither of which we have in Alaska. :(

M - Movie || Kyle and I have been out of the movie game for approximately 11 months now (although we did get to see Gone Girl while my mom was in town.) So, this movie is going to be a throwback... I'm going to go with V for Vendetta. I could watch that movie anytime!
N - Name || I'm going with names that I won't name future children, but really love... Charlotte & Malachi. 

O - Object || My phone. LAME

P - Photo || How about a few of my favorite photos? 

Q - Quote (s) || "It is what it is." & "I will hold my self to a standard of grace not perfection."

R - Restaurant || I think the moral of this post is that I have a tough time choosing a favorite anything... I'm going to go with Carrabba's I think. 

S - Season || Fall or Winter. I hate being hot! I say, you can always put more clothes on but you can only be so naked. 

T - Trend || Not groundbreaking, but a trend I'm happy to see returning these past few years...oversized sweaters! Gone are the days of baggy looking frumpy! AAAAA-MEN!

U - Umbrella || This one! Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I even own an umbrella...

V - Vacation || Our honeymoon! We went to the Sandals resort in Ocho Rios Jamaica. All inclusives are now the only way to vacation. 

W - Weather || I'm a chilly, thunderstorm, curl up on the couch kind of gal.

X - X-tra favorite ;) || My favorite time of day = mornings. They are when Mallory is in the most fun mood!

Y - Year || I'd say 2014 was pretty darn good...

Z - Zoo || Eh. Zoos kind of make me uncomfortable. I don't love seeing animals forced to live in confinment for our entertainment. I really enjoy the Wildlife Conservation Center here in Alaska.
I totally copied Rebecca on this post. If you decide to do an A-Z favorites let us know so we can stalk! ;)
Happy Thursday!

14 October 2014

A Short Day Trip || Talkeetna, AK

Last week, while my granny and mom were both still in town we ventured a bit north to the small town of Talkeetna, AK. One of the greatest draws to this charming place is the stunning views it offers of the Alaska Range and Mt. McKinley. Hard to believe we have lived here over a year and a half and had yet to make the short and stunning 2 hour drive. Sooo glad we finally did!





We took Whitney's recommendation and had lunch at Roadhouse on the main little street downtown Talkeetna. What didn't know was that it was also a lodge, so when we got to the door and read a sign that said "Roadhouse : bakery, showers & laundry" we were a little skeptical. ;) But the atmosphere and food did not disappoint! Malloy and I shared a reindeer meatloaf sandwich then played a little tune on the piano. (Neither of us can play the piano by the way.)





After lunch we walked around the vacant streets of Talkeetna and grabbed some tea at the sweetest little coffee shop! (Apparently Talkeetna draws many summer time tourists and summer it is not. Very few restaurants and shops were actually open. Oh well!)


After stopping at a gift shop or two we started to make our way home, but not without stopping for the coveted shots of Mt. McKinley. Word on the street is it is tough to catch a clear enough day to take in the powerful view...i'd say we were pretty damn lucky! Take a look...




Kyle wasn't able to join us, but we have an overnight trip penciled in for next summer!

10 October 2014

A Whole Lot of Random

Happy Friday! The theme of this week's Friday post is "taking advantage of visiting family members." I've had the pleasure of visiting with my mom and Granny all week which has not only been great company but it's given way to some serious Mama freedom! Can I get an amen?!
I managed to sneak out for a hair cut, mani/pedi and hit Target ...alone! It was amazing! I couldn't believe what a couple of hours all to myself would do for my wellbeing (and the wellbeing of anyone I happen to come in contact with ha!) You would have thought I went on a week long tropical vacation. (If you live in Alaska, I tried out Legally Blonde in Wasilla and was pleased.)
Kyle and I have an actual date planned for tonight. Like dinner reservations and make up kind of date. The whole 9 folks! We are going to The Crow's Nest Restaurant at the Captain Hook Hotel downtown Anchorage. It will be so nice to get dressed up, go some place fancy and enjoy a baby free evening. [Shout out to Mally's Nana for the child free part!]
Fall TV shows. Have you ever heard of TV?! It has been a solid 11 months since I ended my relationship with TV and omg. This week I have parked my you know what on the couch and indulged in a multi show binger. The Blacklist. Revenge. Chicago PD. The Mysteries of Laura. Blackish. So. Good. 
My new iPhone 6 Plus arrived! This was actually a semi surprise since we weren't expecting our new phones (Kyle got the iPhone 6) to arrive until early November! I also ordered this case from Society6. I hope it doesn't take me too long to get used to the "phablet" that is the iPhone 6 Plus. (Such a stupid word!)

I booked an impromptu trip to Wisconsin this week! An opportunity presented itself and I just couldn't refuse. I lived in Wisconsin for several years growing up and some of my dearest friends are still there. I'm so excited to visit with friends...and shop at real stores...and eat at real restaurants.
PS. While reading over my shoulder Kyle goes... "Is that the phone case you got? It's so chic. What does chic mean? They say that a lot in fashion right?" Never a dull moment in our house...
What do you have going on this weekend?

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07 October 2014

Thunder Bird Falls Trail

Last week, Mom, Mallory and I hiked Thunder Bird Falls for the first time. It is located halfway between Palmer and Eagle River, and we literally pass it each time we go to Anchorage. 

Chugach State Park
I have to admit, I was surprised with how short the hike was. It's only about 2 miles round trip (or so they say) so, if you are looking for a workout, this is a hike for another day. But oh my goodness did we pick the perfect fall day for this hike! The colors were amazing and the air was just dripping with fall.
Fall in Alaska
Fall in Alaska

huge leaves
Chugach State Park

Fall in Alaska
We are told these falls are equally impressive during the winter time when they become ice sculptures! I'll report back to you on that. ;) The sound of the falls reminded me of the noise machine we use in our bedroom. Nap time anyone?!
Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park
The key to this hike for us was walking along the river a bit on our way back to the car. Just after you turn around from viewing the falls, there is a little split in the trail that leads you right. Take that one! We were able to touch the icy cold water, insert ourselves inside trees and get muddy. That my friends is where the Thunder Bird Falls magic happens!
Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park
Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park
I have a confession to make. The "Amanda in a tree" photo took place for two reasons... 1. I'm inside a big ass tree. 2. To listen to the inappropriate jokes that Kyle had once he saw this picture. Ha! That man has a dirty mind. 

Chugach State Park

I can definitely see me and Mally hitting this train regularly in the coming months. It's quick and easy and oh so close to the house! Win! 
After our hike I took mom to one of my favorite pizza spots in Anchorage, Fat Ptarmigan. They have outstanding caprese salad and the best thin crust pizza in town!
Happy Tuesday night, friends! :)
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