10 October 2014

A Whole Lot of Random

Happy Friday! The theme of this week's Friday post is "taking advantage of visiting family members." I've had the pleasure of visiting with my mom and Granny all week which has not only been great company but it's given way to some serious Mama freedom! Can I get an amen?!
I managed to sneak out for a hair cut, mani/pedi and hit Target ...alone! It was amazing! I couldn't believe what a couple of hours all to myself would do for my wellbeing (and the wellbeing of anyone I happen to come in contact with ha!) You would have thought I went on a week long tropical vacation. (If you live in Alaska, I tried out Legally Blonde in Wasilla and was pleased.)
Kyle and I have an actual date planned for tonight. Like dinner reservations and make up kind of date. The whole 9 folks! We are going to The Crow's Nest Restaurant at the Captain Hook Hotel downtown Anchorage. It will be so nice to get dressed up, go some place fancy and enjoy a baby free evening. [Shout out to Mally's Nana for the child free part!]
Fall TV shows. Have you ever heard of TV?! It has been a solid 11 months since I ended my relationship with TV and omg. This week I have parked my you know what on the couch and indulged in a multi show binger. The Blacklist. Revenge. Chicago PD. The Mysteries of Laura. Blackish. So. Good. 
My new iPhone 6 Plus arrived! This was actually a semi surprise since we weren't expecting our new phones (Kyle got the iPhone 6) to arrive until early November! I also ordered this case from Society6. I hope it doesn't take me too long to get used to the "phablet" that is the iPhone 6 Plus. (Such a stupid word!)

I booked an impromptu trip to Wisconsin this week! An opportunity presented itself and I just couldn't refuse. I lived in Wisconsin for several years growing up and some of my dearest friends are still there. I'm so excited to visit with friends...and shop at real stores...and eat at real restaurants.
PS. While reading over my shoulder Kyle goes... "Is that the phone case you got? It's so chic. What does chic mean? They say that a lot in fashion right?" Never a dull moment in our house...
What do you have going on this weekend?

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