16 October 2014

Alphabet Lovin'

It's been a hot minute since I did a "getting to know you post" so I figured, what the hell! Here are a list of my favorite things A-Z... enjoy! 
A - Animal || The boring answer to this one is obviously dogs. But, if we are feeling adventurous I'd have to go with penguins! How cute are they?!

B - Brand || Apple. Does anyone else even make electronics? 

C - Color || My favorite color changes with the wind, but lately it's either green or purple. 

D - Drink || Let's do a favorite in multiple categories, shall we? Coffee, Diet Coke, Orange Juice, Bud Light. If I had to pick one drink forever and always it would be water. Just plain ol' water. Womp, wooommmmpp..

E - Exercise || Running! Although I don't even feel honest typing that since it hasn't happened regularly since before Mallory was born. :(

F - Flower || Tulip or Sunflower. (I'm not sure Kyle has ever been privy to that information...hmmm, fresh flowers would look great on my kitchen table. Cough*)

G - Garment || Again, the boring answer to this would be dark skinny ankle cuff jeans. I hardly ever wear any other type of pants! The less expected answer would probably be my puffy vest from Old Navy. I wear it constantly up here!

H - Human || No way. There is no possible way I could pick a favorite. Mallory and Kyle...I dig both of them ;) 

I - Instrument || iPod? I can play roughly zero instruments myself, unless you count the recorder or wood block. I love the way the trumpet sounds though. Props to those who are musically inclined!

J - Job || Hands down being a mom! Being a wife is pretty great too. [I wrote all about my dream job here.]

K - Karaoke Song || You would never catch me dead singing karaoke! My favorite song lately though is "Dirt" by Florida Georgia Line.

L - Lunch ||  Panera (you pick two : broccoli cheddar and frontage chicken) or Zoe's Kitchen (steak kebobs), neither of which we have in Alaska. :(

M - Movie || Kyle and I have been out of the movie game for approximately 11 months now (although we did get to see Gone Girl while my mom was in town.) So, this movie is going to be a throwback... I'm going to go with V for Vendetta. I could watch that movie anytime!
N - Name || I'm going with names that I won't name future children, but really love... Charlotte & Malachi. 

O - Object || My phone. LAME

P - Photo || How about a few of my favorite photos? 

Q - Quote (s) || "It is what it is." & "I will hold my self to a standard of grace not perfection."

R - Restaurant || I think the moral of this post is that I have a tough time choosing a favorite anything... I'm going to go with Carrabba's I think. 

S - Season || Fall or Winter. I hate being hot! I say, you can always put more clothes on but you can only be so naked. 

T - Trend || Not groundbreaking, but a trend I'm happy to see returning these past few years...oversized sweaters! Gone are the days of baggy looking frumpy! AAAAA-MEN!

U - Umbrella || This one! Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I even own an umbrella...

V - Vacation || Our honeymoon! We went to the Sandals resort in Ocho Rios Jamaica. All inclusives are now the only way to vacation. 

W - Weather || I'm a chilly, thunderstorm, curl up on the couch kind of gal.

X - X-tra favorite ;) || My favorite time of day = mornings. They are when Mallory is in the most fun mood!

Y - Year || I'd say 2014 was pretty darn good...

Z - Zoo || Eh. Zoos kind of make me uncomfortable. I don't love seeing animals forced to live in confinment for our entertainment. I really enjoy the Wildlife Conservation Center here in Alaska.
I totally copied Rebecca on this post. If you decide to do an A-Z favorites let us know so we can stalk! ;)
Happy Thursday!

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