04 November 2014

Baby #2 || First Trimester

In case you came here all "first trimester?! what the hell did I miss?!" check out this post first. ;)
Again, thank you thank you thank you for all of your well wishes! We are just beyond thrilled and couldn't wait to share the news with the world.
I'm currently in my 14th week (13 weeks and a day or so) of this pregnancy. One piece of advice, know when you get knocked up!! Holy cow. Our due date has changed three times at this point. The back and forth for this "type A" couple is not awesome! At this moment baby #2 is due on May 12... So, if this baby is anything like their big sister (so weird) they will make their debut sometime mid April. Ha!
I found out I was pregnant on September 5th and literally didn't know if I was 4-5 weeks or 8-9 weeks along, so my OB had me come in that week. Mega nerve wracking appointment because it took two physicians to find the baby. At that point baby was only the gestational sack (aka. not far enough along to appropriately "date") so they had us come back the following week guessing, I was about 5 weeks. 
At the next appointment we were able to get a much better look at baby who was measuring at 7 weeks. (Due date change number one.) We also learned that after Mally was born (TMI alert) my uterus settled really retroverted. This isn't an issue really, just an annoyance during the first trimester because ultrasounds and doppler readings can be really difficult.
Fast forward to our "twelve week" NT scan and baby was still kickin' it all awkward like way far back in my nearly upside down uterus. Coooool. So, after about 20 minutes the sonographer was able to get a clear image of baby who turns out was just ELEVEN weeks. (Due date changes again.) Because we were leaving for Wisconsin the following week they had me come back a few days later to try again. 
NT scan take 2: It took 45 minutes to get the one measurement they need for this scan! Thankfully baby looks perfect, but geez who knew your uterus could be so annoying! Of course it wouldn't be a doctors appointment without changing my due date by a couple of days.
As far as monitoring goes with my history of severe preeclampsia, things aren't too terribly different than a normal pregnancy. I am 1/3 more likely to experience preeclampsia again, but that number isn't staggering. We did a couple of additional blood tests at the beginning as well as a baseline 24 hour urine collection. Beyond that, nothing changes until my blood pressure spikes or I hit the 20 week mark. At 20 weeks I just go in for blood pressure checks a little more frequently. Pretty simple stuff. 
I can't really complain much about the first trimester. Although i've still been pretty nauseous and exhausted, this baby is a walk in the park compared to Mallory. With Mallory I was down 15 pounds and a hospitalization by just 10 weeks! Although, at this point in my pregnancy with Mal I was feeling much better. Buuuut I literally just finished a meeting with porcelain gods, so... Each pregnancy is different, right?
We are planning to find out the sex of this baby but that is still a few weeks away. (Ps. Why on Earth do we call it "gender" during pregnancy? Gender is socially constructed and sex is biological/physiological. Ugh. Pet peeve for sure!) We will share the baby's sex but won't be revealing the name until birth. First names have been picked out, but the middle names are a different story. Hate it when Kyle decides to have an opinion about things. ;)
Ten Weeks
Twelve Weeks

I plan on using Instagram to share weekly "bumpdates" and save the blog posts for more interesting/substantial baby updates.
Are you expecting?! I love following along with other women's pregnancies!

You can read all about my first pregnancy here

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