19 November 2014

The Scarf || So Much More Than A Fashion Accessory

My scarf obsession began in 2009 with a surgery that left a gnarly scar on my neck. In the throws of my cancer treatment I was very concerned with keeping the area out of sight; not only from other people, but from myself. I wore a scarf nearly every day for an entire year, even in the summer! Wearing a scarf enabled me to feel "normal" during a very untraditional sophomore year in college. As the years went on, I grew more comfortable in my skin and slowly wore fewer and fewer scarves. Now I really only wear scarves in the fall/winter, although being pregnant (aka. constantly hot) I've been wearing them even less than usual. Even still, I think a great patterned scarf can jazz up even the most plain outfits, like a statement necklace for those colder months. 
Here are some of my favorites...
popular fall and winter scarves

one || Multi Butterfly Check Scarf
two || Oversized Gingham Check Infiniti Scarf
three || Cuban Leopard Print Scarf
four || Leopard Print Scarf
five || Red Check Blanket Scarf
Are you a scarf gal?

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