18 November 2014

Things I Want Our Children To Know

Sometimes I think about the inevitable conversation with my children about cancer, more specifically, melanoma. I can't imagine growing up knowing that my mom had any type of cancer at all. It's terrifying to think about even as an adult! I know I can dodge the subject for a while and explain away my frequent check ups as simply that, checkups. At some point though, I will have to share with my kids that "mommy had cancer" and alllll that it means. Not a day that I look forward to and certainly not something I'm prepared for. Until that day arrives, I have a short list of things I hope our children (and yours!!) come to know about their skin.


First and foremost, your skin is beautiful! There isn't a shade of "tan" in the world that looks any better than the skin God gave you. Not even close.
SPF on each morning just like you brush your teeth. Sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine! Unless, you plan on staying in a windowless room all day long (which I certainly hope you don't) the sunscreen goes on. There is plenty to be said about the wide variety of sunscreens on the market, but at the end of the day the best kind of sunscreen is the kind you'll use. 

Find a wonderful dermatologist. Just like having your teeth cleaned and seeing an eye doctor, a visit with your dermatologist should be regular and consistent. It's just part of life. Make sure you find someone you trust and communicate openly with. Mom will help you, but a good place to start is always a recommendation from another doctor. 

When in doubt, check it out. If there is ever anything new or suspicious on your skin, have your dermatologist look at it. There is never any harm in being told "oh that's nothing. It's completely fine!"

Your mom and dad are trying their very best to protect your skin when you are little, which hopefully gives you the best possible start!

We love you and your gorgeous porcelain skin. 

You can find more information on staying safe in the sun here!

Have you had to have the difficult conversation with your children about cancer? How'd it go?

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