07 November 2014

Twelve Month Favorites

It's been a hot minute since we discussed baby gear. In fact, I think the last post I did about this was wayyyyy back in January and well, a lot has changed since then! I used to include some of our favorite items in Mallory's monthly update until I found that her "favorites" can change with her diaper. So, rather than doing a list of Mallory's favorites, I'm going to share the things that Kyle and I use constantly for Mallory. [She doesn't get much of a say here.] ;)
one || Egyptian Magic || I actually have to credit Kelsey for turning us on to this stuff. It works skin wonders! Mallory is prone to a little bit of eczema and this stuff literally gets ride of any scaly patches overnight! We aren't huge on slathering her up with lotion, so we just use this stuff to spot treat any dry areas. Plus, I really like it for my own skin. ;) These Alaskan winters can be a real bitch!
two || Stacking Cups || These babies have been a bath time staple for months! She loooves playing with containers of any kind, so naturally these are a hit. However, she is realizing that it is now fun to fill the cups with water and dump the water outside of the tub. Maybe time to temporarily retire the ol' cups...
three || Brown Bear, Brown Bear || Books. Holy. Books. If Mallory could have things her way, I would spend every minute of every day reading to her. This book is a big player in our current rotation. She digs animals. 
four || Britax Boulevard || Car rides have been ten times better since we upgraded Mal to this convertible seat! Granted she is still rear facing, but this seat gives her the ability to see out the window and look around more. We do still use her Britax B-Safe some simply because this one is easier to transfer from car to car. So, if we choose to take Kyle's car somewhere, we just use the B-Safe.
five || Plum Organics Yogurt || I love these pouches now more than ever. These are great to take on the go, but more importantly, great to feed Mallory when I can't stomach the smell of cooking something for her. #firsttrimesterproblems.
six || My Little Booster Seat || We don't own a traditional highchair. I snagged this seat for $6.25 at a local consignment store and we are obsessed! Mallory gets to sit safely with us at the table during meal time and it is mega easy to keep clean. Win!

seven || CamelBak Eddy Water Bottle || Our child couldn't figure out sippy cups, but could handle CamelBak water bottles??? We have a good handful of these scattered between the house and two cars.
eight || BOB Revolution SE || I know one of the primary complaints about this stroller is it's size, but we use it everyday, everywhere! Especially now that Mally is heavier and I'm less motivated to carry around a hot, wiggly toddler. Stroller it is!
nine & ten || Pampers Baby Dry & up&up Diapers || After months of trial and error experimenting with the 9,000 various brands of diapers, we have achieved a system and price point that works for us! (Hallelujah) The Target brand diapers are used during the day time. We have found that the are significantly cheaper than most other brands (more times than not are also on sale) and they work just as well as their pricier competitors. The Pampers Baby Dry diapers are used only at night since they seem to keep Mal's booty drier longer. 
Do you use any of these products with your little one(s)? What are some of your favorites?

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