05 November 2014

What's On My iPhone 6plus?

As I was perusing YouTube a few weeks ago, I stumbled on a couple "what's on my iPhone" videos. The nosey person in me LOVED seeing what apps other people keep on their phone. I even discovered a couple of new holy grail photo editing apps! So, in the name of paying it forward and perpetuating the nosiness cycle, here is what I keep on my iPhone...
I organize my phone into a million different folders. It drives Kyle insane, but hey, not his phone! I like for everything to have a place. :)I'm not going to go into detail about a lot of these, because they are pretty self explanatory OR they are the ones that Apple FORCES you to keep on your phone. (Anyone else really butt hurt about that?! You don't know me, Apple!)
Facebook || For my personal Facebook account. 
Pages || This is the app that allows me to manage my blog's Facebook page. 
Messanger || Don't even get me started. Facebook made me do it! 
Bloglovin || This allows me to scroll through all my favorite blogs in one place. I only recently got into the habit of using this. I was saving all the blog URLs to my bookmarks, real old school like. 
The Weather Channel || This is my favorite weather app so far. If any source is semi reliable for predicting the weather, it's this one. 
The title pretty much sums up my feelings for these apps...


Pic Stitch || I've been using this one less and less lately, but it is great for making photo collages. I liked using this app for "bump dates" when I was pregnant with Mallory; straight on shot next to a side shot. 
Aviary || My newest photo editing obsession! I discovered this app on YouTube actually, creeping' on somebody else's What's On My iPhone6 video. I used to edit photos using Afterlight, but so far, I'm liking Aviary more. 
Squaready || This app sizes your images appropriately for Instagram.  Squaready is a lot like Instasize just with a few more options. Love this!

Nordstrom || I recently hopped on the Nordstrom debit card bandwagon, so naturally I need to be able to shop at. all. times.
Cartwheel || Cartwheel is an easy way to save at checkout when you shop at Target. Check out this post from Notes from a Newlywed on how to save $$$ at Target! Cha-ching!
Amazon || Amazon Prime is essentially a requirement up here. 
RetailMeNot || Duh. All about saving a buck or two!
Shopbop || This site and their two day shipping! Ah-mazing! 
GiltJane & MyHabit || These are all daily deal sites that I frequent. When is Groopdealz going to come out with an app?! Get with the program!
Etsy || I recently used this to order the shirts Kyle and I wore in our pregnancy announcement :) Love Etsy!
iTunes Store 
App Store 
Game Center
* A lot of these stores you can read more about on my Online Shopping Alaska Edition post, which I'm now thinking needs a little facelift...
Imdb || Kyle and I use the rating system on Imdb to settle any RedBox rental conflicts. Highest rating is the movie we go with. (Usually my pick has terrible reviews so we end up watching a ton of dude movies. Laaaame!)
Urbanspoon || I use Urbanspoon a ton when we travel, but even at home too. I like to read the reviews and try out new places to eat!
Fandango || Ha! As if we go to the movies. 
YouTube || Used primarily for watching Beauty Vloggers as loud as possible on the couch while Kyle tries to play Battlefield. 
Words With Friends || This game. Ugh! I'm terrible at it. Terrible terrible. But if you're looking for a confidence boost, hit me up  ;)

Flashlight || I probably don't need this one since the iPhone now has it's own flashlight...
SleepMachine || A sleep machine is mandatory in our house. Kyle and I use one and so does Mallory. We use this app when we are traveling. If we didn't have it, I'm convinced nobody would sleep a wink.
Fox News || Ok. I have to be honest here. This app is only on my phone for the alerts when i'm out. Gotta know when big shit is going down.  I usually have the news on throughout the day at home as background noise. 
Remote || This app serves as a remote for our Apple TV. Have you seen the one that comes with it?! TINY!
Voice Memos

What To Expect || I'm sure anyone who has ever been pregnant has heard of this one.  This is my "must have" app for all things pregnancy. What To Expect gives you those fruit size comparisons (some of which I've never heard of) in addition to a little snip it as to what baby is up to during that particular week. What is extra cool about this app are the communities, granted they can certainly get a little catty, but I've definitely made a couple of "online friends" as Kyle calls them. We keep up with each other primarily via Instagram and it has been so fun to watch each others babies grow! 
LactMed || Breastfeeding mamas, you need this app! It comes from the National Library of Medicine at National Institutes of Health regarding all things mama/baby and breastmilk. This is the same site my own doctor uses to determine the safety of drugs for breastfeeding mamas and their infants. I love having the ability to read about the effects a specific drug could have on milk supply and my baby. Holy grail app for sure!
Mommy App || This app is new to my collection! It offers an easy, cute and organized way of keeping notes on your kids (ie. milestones, apppointmens, etc.) I have been using it to jot down little notes on my current pregnancy, things I want to share with you and remember to mention at upcoming doctor's appointment. I took a fun quiz within this app that determined I will be having a BOY! Can't wait to find out. The Mommy app also has a cute little games section that I may or may not have tossed at Mallory as a little "be quiet" incentive on our recent flights. $.99 for a little bit of peace, where do I sign?!
I feel like I should mention that I shattered the screen on my freaking phone yesterday! Errr I was getting out of the car and forgot it was on my lap... Looks like I will be joining the land of the ugly Lifeproof cases. AFTER I spend the $129 it costs to repair it. Not pleased!
What's on your iPhone? Any apps I MUST have?
Disclaimer :: I was given the Mommy App as well as paid advertising on my sidebar in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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