02 December 2014

Girl Talk!

Christmas. It's this month. THIS. MONTH. I don't know what my deal is, but I'm completely unprepared.  No clue what I want to get Mallory. No clue what I want to get Kyle (even though he has sent me pictures of a couple of tools...lame.) Until this moment, I didn't even have a Christmas List for myself completed! That's just down right unacceptable! ;) Normally, Kyle and I don't exchange gifts. It's never really been our thing. We did get each other gifts for graduating college and on our wedding day.  Aside from a birthday gift here and there or me wrapping some socks and calling it a Christmas gift, we just haven't. This year, since we are staying in Alaska and won't have any family joining us, we agreed on exchanging gifts with a $100 limit. I got a little concerned the other day when he text me asking "what do you want for Christmas? Makeup?" Kyle is not the guy to make rogue makeup selections. I'm sure he would break out in hives by simply simply stepping foot in Sephora. 

Kyle, get out your pen and paper. (Or just take a screen shot.) Oh! Bonus. I threw in some stocking stuffer ideas for you too... You're welcome. ;)

one || Tassle Key Ring
two || Double Time Blanket Scarf
three || Kate Spade Wallet
four || Coffee Mug
five || Tiny Tags Necklace
six || Chuck Taylors
seven || Nike Air Max
eight || Driving Gloves
nine || Dior Addict Lipstick "Pandore"
ten || Dior Lip Glow

But, if you have a secret stash of money lying around and plan to blow our budget out of the water, I really NEED this.  

Do you exchange gifts with your significant other? 

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