10 December 2014

Christmas Gift Guide || Dude Edition

Shopping for my husband. Oh, how I would love to hit Nordstrom and buy him some classy man gear... *sigh* I've seen so many wonderful men's Christmas gift guides floating around blogland, that I couldn't help getting excited about shopping for Kyle. Until it came time to exchange lists... He sent me a couple of photos of the below wrench set and knife. Womp womp! I asked him "wouldn't you want a nice shaving kit or wallet? Maybe a new pair of shoes?" He so sweetly responded "One, I hate shaving. Two, I have plenty of pockets in my uniform to store all of my things. Three, I wear a uniform." Whatever Kyle. What makes you think that your Christmas gifts are about what YOU want. Sheesh!

All kidding aside, while I love seeing the gifts other women are getting the men in their lives, most of them just aren't Kyle. The man likes long walks in the woods, hunting/fishing, blowing things up, beer and sports. He is quite simple really. ;)

Here are some things we would actually find on his wish list:

men's christmas gift ideas
one || Sherpa Lined Flannel Shirt || Flannel is Kyle's version of a "dress shirt" so he keeps his wardrobe well stocked with all things flannel. Flannel also happens to be Kyle's "work in the garage shirt," hunting shirt, fishing shirt, hiking shirt, you get my point. Flannel it is!
two || Survival Knife || He for real sent me a photo of this knife. So, if your guy is into survival-y stuff, check it out!
three || Carhartt Sandstone Hooded Vest || Carhartt happens to be the state uniform here in Alaska. The more, the better. ;)
four || 8 Piece Standard Ratcheting Wrench Set || This was the other item he sent me a photo of. Kyle getting tools means I get nice, handmade pieces for the house. Win/win!
five || Cincinnati Reds Tee || I've been told a dude can never have too much fan gear. (Of course, you would pick the team your guy loves.) When Kyle isn't wearing a uniform or flannel, you'll be sure to find him in a shirt like this one. Can't say he doesn't know what he likes...
six || Microbrew Beer Sampler || Beer. Lots of beer. Simple enough. Kyle has turned into a bit of a beer snot since his college/Natty Light days,  so I try and gravitate towards a sampling of microbrews he maybe hasn't tried before. 
seven || Cincinnati Bengals Jersey || A team jersey. Again, I don't think you can go wrong getting him anything with his favorite teams plastered all over it. Kyle didn't do me any favors with his team selections. Being a redhead, he can't really wear orange or red, so I have to dig a little deeper to find Bengals or Reds gear that works with his coloring. An issue I'm sure he is totally unaware of. ;)
eight || The Medal of Honor book || Alright ladies, this is one you can benefit from as well! This book makes a beautiful coffee table book.  Once the toddler in my life allows, this baby will be a permanent fixture on our coffee table! Kyle and I were fortunate enough to meet a living recipient of the medal of honor last year, and ever since then have taken a special interest in the award and the men who earned them. This book would make a great gift for the patriot in your life!
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Disclosure : I was received The Medal of Honor book free of charge, but was not obligated to share or review the book in any way. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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