16 December 2014

Christmas Gifts || One Year Old Edition

Initially, I intended to keep things pretty low key for Mallory this year. She is too young to really get excited about Christmas and is perfectly happy playing with the dog food bowls/emptying cabinets. 
My idea was to stick with this little guide we see all over Pinterest "something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read." While I did check each of those boxes during my more purposeful shopping; I came across a bunch of other good ideas for her too. 
I didn't purchase everything on this list, but the bulk of it will be under our tree on Christmas morning! 

one || VTech Smart Shots Sports Center
two || Toy Balls
three ||  Fisher- Price Doodle Pro
four || Wooden Puzzles
five || Little Tikes Jr. Play Slide
six || Black & Decker My First Tool Set
seven || Sophie The Giraffe "First Words" book
eight || Mittens
nine || Little Mommy Baby So New
ten || Tea Set
eleven || Crayola Bathtub Body Doodlers 
twelve || TOMS
As far as stocking stuffers go, I'm keeping it simple with; tin containers, sports balls, toy cars and other Target $1 bin wonders. 
Did you go all out for your tiny ones this year?

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