23 December 2014

My Favorite YouTube Channels

Thanks to pregnancy induced insomnia I have been logging some serious late night hours on YouTube. Curled up with my snoogle, headphones in, ice water and peanut butter sandwich nearby is my mama happy place these days. I really admire some of these YouTube beauty gurus; they're ballsy! It's exposing enough to write my thoughts here on my blog, but videos? No way! 

Anyway, beauty videos are like TV shows for those of us with ADHD ;) Short and sweet. (Well, for the most part.) We get to learn a thing or two by watching them apply their makeup, see product reviews, tour their homes, "get ready" with them, learn a few DIY projects, see their recent shopping hauls...it's kind of like blogging but in a video. Vlogging. Duh.  Genius! 

YouTube Beauty Channels

Here are some of my favorite "YouTubers" ... (in no particular order)

YouTube Beauty Guru

Meghan Rienks || In the past I believe, Meghan did more beauty videos but now she is mostly a lifestyle vlogger or "internet personality." (I don't know YouTube lingo really.) She won be over when she shared her Depression Story. Whether she is doing a fashion, gift guide or get ready with me video she is so funny and seems so real! Big fan. 

YouTube Beauty Guru

Shay Danielle || Shay is an aesthetician from Canada whom I've been following for quite some time now. She has a daughter about Mallory's age so I've really enjoyed keeping up with her pregnancy and life with a baby/toddler. Her husband's humor kind of reminds me of Kyle's. Aside from that, Shay is obviously stunning and knows her stuff when it comes to make up. Maybe one day I can apply false eyelashes like she does...

YouTube Beauty Guru

Makeup By Tiffany D || If you get anything from this post, go listen to everything she says in this video about nail care! I swear by some of the products and routines she mentions. Tiffany is expecting her first child soon and frequently gives us pregnancy updates, but as her channel's name implies, she focuses on makeup. She has a variety of tutorials and product reviews on her channel. I feel like she does a great job of explaining things and does more practical/wearable looks. Oh, and her house is amazing!

YouTube Beauty Guru

Jaclyn Hill || This is the makeup major league channel right here. Jaclyn used to work for MAC and now does freelance makeup work. Holy cow is she good! A lot of the tutorials on her channel are more advanced and dramatic but she is full of information. I love her 5 Minute Makeup video and eyebrow tutorial.

YouTube Beauty Guru

Casey Holmes || Casey reminds me so much of one of my good friends! She is so funny and down to earth. Casey does a wide variety of hair and beauty tutorials but also throws in a good mix of get ready with me videos, and monthly favorites. I really enjoy hearing what music she is listening to and seeing her seasonal fashion essentials. Recently, she shared a simple holiday makeup look with a gorgeous red lip. Love!

There you have it, the women who keep me up at night. Jk. It's a little dude in my belly who keeps me awake, they keep me entertained. ;)

Do you have any favorite YouTube channels?! I'd love to add to my subscriptions...

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