30 December 2014

Our Christmas (2014)

You don't mind if I take some time to post an entry into my online mommy/baby journal, do you? I certainly appreciate it ;)

Oh, was Christmas good this year! So so good. It's amazing how the magic of Christmas does a full circle once you have children of your own. Even though it was our first Christmas away from family, we still managed to make it special. We squeezed in everything I mentioned in this post which made for a busy and festive time. (Side note :: We definitely recommend exchanging parent stockings on Christmas Eve! It was our first year trying this one out and we loved it! All was calm, so Kyle and I were able to enjoy each other's company and quietly exchange gifts over a mug of glühwein/kinderpunsch.)

We didn't go super overboard with Mallory's Christmas gifts. We tried to keep it simple and stick to the list. Good thing we did because it took miss thang alllllllll day to open her handful of gifts. After taking a break to eat breakfast and another break to eat a cookie and FaceTime her grandparents, we threw in the towel and opened the remaining couple of gifts for her. Of course, leaving the wrapping paper and boxes to be played with. ;)

Kyle thinks he is hysterical with his note. 

Thank goodness she is so young because Santa made some rookie mistakes this year. No batteries were purchased and zero toys were preassembled. Better luck next year, right? After a nap we went outside to blow off some steam (read :: Mallory throw a mega temper tantrum) in the fresh snow!

All Christmas stuff has been packed away until next year when we will be celebrating with not one but two babies! Eeeek!

I hope you had a very merry Christmas!

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