18 December 2014

Chunky Style

I had a mild panic attack earlier in the season while looking through some of my favorite retailers' sweater selection. I was seeing a whole lotta the cropped sweater look and was not pleased. Long live the oversized sweaters and tunics!! (Alright fine, the cropped look is cute as long as you aren't sporting a pregnant belly.)  I'm convinced that chunky sweaters look good on every body type whether you're expecting, concealing those extra holiday pounds or just dig the look. (For the record, I fall into each of those categories.) 

Forever 21 has a killer selection of sweaters this year! If you have the time and patience to sift through their racks, I highly recommend it. 

women's fall fashion

women's fall fashion

women's fall fashion

women's fall fashion
shoes || Forever 21
pants || Stitch Fix - Kenzie Jeans (similar)
sweater || Forever 21 (similar
watch || Michael Kors
lipstick || Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suade
bag || Michael Kors (similar)
What's your vote, chunky or cropped?

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