04 December 2014

Pregnancy Update || 17 Weeks

We have finally hit that sweet spot in pregnancy! No longer exhausted and nauseous, but not yet huge and uncomfortable. My energy is back (ha! well, kind of. I do have a  toddler...) which means it is time to prepare for our sweet baby boy!! 

Boy! I still kind of can't get over that. In case you don't already know this, I am the oldest of 4 girls and Kyle has an older sister so there are not many dudes around here! We are all so excited to be welcoming a baby boy.

17 weeks pregnant

A little back story on his temporary name of "little Woody." :: So, Kyle was always called Woody growing up. In fact, some people still call him that. I don't know about you, but when I hear "woody" my mind goes straaaaight to the gutter. (I know, I know. Grow up Amanda!) When Kyle and I met in college, he was introduced to me as Woody. I couldn't help but laugh! Ever since then, it has kind of been a running joke. When he introduces me to people from work he quickly tells them that I prefer to be called Mrs. Woody...(thanks dude!) We agreed that if we were ever expecting a baby boy we would refer to him as Little Woody because well... ;)

17 weeks pregnant

On with the pregnancy update!

Weeks: As of today I am 17 weeks and 3 days

Official Due Date: May 10, 2014

Trimester: 2nd trimester!

Gender: BOY!!

Name: Little Woody/Baby Woody until we reveal his name at birth. 

Baby's Size: During our last ultrasound, the monographer estimated baby Woody was about 8oz!

Cravings: I'm really digging pizza with this pregnancy! Nothing crazy though. I've also been eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches, but I did that with Mally too. 

Maternity Clothes : Not yet. Ok that's a lie. I've worn my maternity jeans a couple of times but that is only because EVERYTHING else was dirty. My regular britches fit just fine. :) Ok, that's another lie. A few months after Mallory was born I purged my closet of all things "pre pregnancy" because it just wasn't happening. So, all my regular "sized up" pants from after Mallory still fit now. Haaaaa.

I'm not super into buying a ton of maternity clothes. Of course, you need some staple pieces like solid pair of maternity jeans, maternity tank tops, belly bands and a few tops that you feel great in. For the most part though, I prefer buying regular clothing that can not only accommodate my growing bump during pregnancy, but help me out after the baby is born too! Enter oversized sweaters and tunics! Typically I just size up (ie. normally I wear a medium, but to compensate for the bump I go for a large.) Even after baby is born these oversized pieces lay juuuusssst right. This was my go to method until I was contacted by eShakti and learned how each of their pieces are customizable! I was able use my measurements to pick the sleeve, hem, everything on the shirt I ordered! This is amazing not only for us pregnant folk, but for those of us who constantly run into the same struggle to find pieces that fit correctly. It would be my dream to have every tunic in my closet with a hem like this one. Swoon! Anyway, back to my point. I like to buy non maternity pieces that work for a big belly, then are also flattering postpartum with out the "maternity" sting. Ya feel me? Nothing sucks more than being two months postpartum and still needing to wear all things maternity. 

17 weeks pregnant

17 weeks pregnant

17 weeks pregnant

Top  || c/o eShakti (similar)[Use code "MARRYMINT" for 10% OFF your order thru Jan 1!]
Jacket || Old Navy 
Jeans || Gap Maternity
Shoes || Steve Madden

Wedding Rings : On!

Miss Anything? : I miss being able to drink more than 200mg of caffeine per day AND the fact that its the time of year to drink gluhwein and I'm stuck with kinderpunsch. Laaaaame!

Aversions: Oddly enough, it's chicken noodle soup. I wore that stuff out during the first trimester. 

How I'm Feeling: I'm feeling pretty darn good! This pregnancy is totally different than Mallory's in that me and Kyle are still trying to wrap our heads around this baby! Kyle still literally forgets that I'm pregnant, and honestly, I kind of do too.  I almost feel guilty about that, but I know that is just the name of the game for second, third, forth, etc.  children. We are so excited for him to be joining our family, just waiting for it to really hit us. :)

Movement: Yep! For some reason I feel my babies pretty early. With Mallory I began feeling her around 13/14 weeks and Baby Woody was the same. I can only feel him kick when I'm either seating or laying down and Mallory isn't climbing all over me. Poor guy doesn't have very peaceful living quarters thanks to his big sister. 

Well, I think that's it! We have our anatomy scan next week which is kind of a big one. Pray that our boy is still healthy! :)

Catch ya later!

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