31 December 2015

Nov. & Dec. Beauty Review

Phew! With so many visitors and special occasions recently, time (and beauty product experimentation) kind of got away from me. So here we are at the end of December and it's been TWO full months since my last beauty review! (You can check out my October Beauty Review here.) These are easily becoming my among my favorite posts to not only write, but seek out on other blogs. Does anyone actually purchase anything makeup/skin/hair/fashion related without first consulting a blog or two? Ha! I mean seriously... I've even watched YouTube reviews while physically shopping at Sephora before pulling the trigger on something new. No kidding!

Until Christmas, when I got a healthy little beauty resupply, I'd really reigned myself in and didn't purchase much in the way of beauty products for myself. Almost every item that made it home with me were my ride or die essentials.

Almost... ;)


Si by Giorgio Armani || I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned this, but I've spent the past few months kind of overhauling my fragrance collection. Everything was either empty or just not my thang anymore... Si by Giorgio Armani is my first new addition! It is the perfect everyday perfume. To me it has a beautiful soft vanilla/airy floral scent. I'm not blown away by the bottle (lets just face it, pretty packaging counts!) which is probably why I didn't notice this fragrance on my own. The guy at Sephora showed it to me, sent me home with a sample and I was back in under 48 hours purchasing the full size! 

"Lovesick" Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D  || Not much needs to be said about these lipsticks I don't think. The formulation is second to none! It's the shade "lovesick" that I want to talk about! This is the perfect, "your lips but better," pinky/mauvy/nude shade for those of use with fair/cool toned skin. Period. You've gotta buy it NOW!

The Righteous Butter body lotion by Soap & Glory || When I talk about something two reviews in a row, you know I'm not messing around! The smell! THE. SMELL. #cantstopwontstop

Oh. And it's hydrating or whatever. ;)

Philips Sonicare 2 Series || Does this count as a beauty product? Kind of a stretch, right? Oh well. It's worth mentioning for it's price tag alone! (On sale for $39.99 at Target right now!!) This isn't the first Sonicare toothbrush that I've owned. I had one when Kyle and I got married, then less than a year in he claimed it for himself leaving me to wander the toothbrush aisles alone for the past few years. Not anymore friends, not anymore! This is like the Clarisonic for your teeth--once you use this, nothing else will make your teeth feel "clean" again.

Mario Badescu Cucumber Cleansing Lotion || I'm a big believer in toners. BIG. I've learned over the years that my skin really relies on this step to not be a hot mess! I love to experiment of course, but always end up going back to ol' faithful, the one by Proactive. Unfortunately, this one by Mario Badescu didn't knock my socks off. Wasn't bad, it just wasn't good either. Ya feel me?

Ouidad Styling Gel || This one is mostly for my fellow curly girls... Eh. It's just ok. For $26 I was hoping it would do a little something more than just define most of my curls. I probably won't repurchase this one.

Clinique Acne Solutions BB Cream || Tiffany D raves about this stuff and that's what first sent me to Sephora to give it a little test drive. (Note: This is a Sephora exclusive!) It's designed to be light weight and mattifying while hiding imperfections AND offering protection from the sun with it's SPF 40! "Acne solutions" might be a bit of a misnomer. I thought by its name that it would contain some kind of acne fighting ingredient, but it doesn't. It is just not supposed to cause breakouts which it didn't for me. I am in love with this BB cream! It feels like I'm wearing absolutely nothing and really looks flawless! I actually apply this with my fingers then buff it in with a brush.  It's liquidy consistency can be a bit tough for me to work with if I use a brush or my beauty blender right out of the gates. I highly highly recommend this product! (To give you a little point of reference because there are only 5 color options in this line, I wear the shade "light.")

It Cosmetics Tightline primer || As far as lash products go, this is as good as it gets! The brush on this primer is super thin with tiny bristles making it a dream to work with and really get right up on your lash line. In fact, I don't have a desire to wear eyeliner with my day to day makeup because using this primer, it already looks like I'm wearing eyeliner! Good, good stuff. I always get waterproof lash products but this is also available in a regular formulation. You can actually grab a mini version here if you want to just wet your whistle before taking the plunge. ;)

Vitamin C serum || I purchased this product a little over a month ago and used it religiously until I ran out a couple of weeks ago. The consistency was perfect in that it didn't interfere with my makeup at all. Some vitamin C serums can be a little thick, or even grainy, but this one was great! Another plus was that it didn't have any noteworthy odor. I always kind of wonder when the "simple formula" serums pack a heavy punch in the scent department. My only gripe with this stuff was the packaging. Oh I loathed this packaging! It was like a 5 step process to just get the serum into my hands--NO! Hopefully they can improve the packaging because for the price point, this is a great face serum!

Alright. Hit me with your product suggestions! Ready, go!

FTC Disclosure || I received the vitamin C serum at a discounted price in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

29 December 2015

Yes, I Wore This in Public...

nordstrom flannel sleep shirt

faux leather vest

nordstrom sleep shirt

faux leather leggings

Shirt || Nordstrom (40% off right now!!!)
Leggings || Hue
Boots || old similar here and here (both more than 40% off!!!)
Vest || old but super similar here  and I love this one
Lipstick || Lady Danger
Watch || Michael Kors (this one is so similar and nearly half off right now!!!)

I think we can all agree that for the most part, men's flannel shirts are just better than women's. They are more roomy, feel more comfortable on and seem to come in the most awesome varieties of plaid. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean my closet is experiencing any kind of plaid/flannel shortage, i'm just saying that women's departments have some room to improve.

Sleepwear on the other hand, they've got it going ON! Nordstrom's sleepwear department in particular since that's where I found this tartan plaid gem. I'm talking racks on racks of (SALE!!) flannel goodness! Color/pattern variety? Check! Softness? Check. Enough length to cover my booty so I can wear them with leggings? Check! 

What more could you ask for??!

Cheers to dressin' up my jimmies...again. ;)

25 December 2015

We Wish You A Merry Christmas!

tiny prints christmas card

Merry MERRY Christmas to you and your loved ones!!

I hope your day has been wonderful thus far! It is about 10am Alaska time and we have been at it since 7am...Mallory has opened approximately one gift. ONE! Just. One.  She must give each toy a good, through test drive before she can even consider moving on to the next... Maybe she's just figured out how to make the joy of today last and truly savor each and every second. 

Or maybe she's just nuts. ;)

 family photo in the snow

Isn't it funny how things evolve? We can transition from the giddy, sleepless, Christmas Eve excitement of childhood to experiencing that same elated sense of anticipation as an adult -- only we're excited to experience the magic of Christmas morning through our children instead of receiving gifts ourselves. This really is the good stuff.

I'm soo looking forward to sharing the gifts we Santa got the kids this year. Pretty sure the dude in red knocked it out of the park! ;)

Again, I hope your Christmas is amazing and you are surrounded by those you love!

Hopefully we will be finished opening Mallory's gifts by bedtime...

tiny prints christmas card

We used Tiny Prints again this year for our Christmas cards. Another wonderful experience!

17 December 2015

A "Let's Not Get Crazy" Christmas Look

Earlier this week as we were heading out the door, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized I accidentally looked quite festive! Don't get me wrong, I love an over the top ugly Christmas sweater/ornament earrings combo as much as the next gal, but there is a time and a place, right? (Like last years' Christmas photo perhaps...) I mean, I don't want to go FULL elementary school librarian every single day for the entire month of December, so I'm happy to have stumbled upon this effortless, yet festive look. The fact that I dressed myself this way completely subconsciously has to say something about my Christmas spirit. I'm clearly feeling the holiday vibes...

The kids fell asleep in the car and we happened to be out during those few short hours of sunlight, so I figured I'd document the holy jolly occasion. ;)

plaid scarf

red hunter boots

red hunter boots

casual christmas look

boots || Hunter
leggings || Zella
shirt || BP.
scarf || Target
coat || Target - old (similar here but I really I love this one in olive!)
sunglasses || Kenneth Cole Reaction 
lipstick || Dior

It's almost FRIDAY!!!

15 December 2015

Shop Local || Alaska Edition

Small Business Saturday was a couple of weeks ago at this point, but am I the only one who felt a sense of pride in their local shopping scene? It really got me thinking about how far I've come in my Alaskan shopping journey. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was an online only gal??!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite local spots of late, you know, just in case you find yourself visiting Alaska OR you're like me and think it's fine to get a more clear image of someone else's "local."

Alaska Star Hat via CacheAlaska

This hat on Mallory. (Pssst! It's on sale now here!!) I'll be honest, I initially ordered this for me, but thanks to my unusually large nugget, things just didn't work. This hat is made out of a high quality wool and lined with fleece which means it keeps Mally's head roasty toasty while she plays outside in the frigid temps. For real, it's almost as though the people who made this hat were from Alaska or something... ;)  The pattern is such a classic which of course is an added bonus because it's stinkin' cute! Mal lucked out with this one I tell ya.

Consignment, thrift and antique shops; they are plentiful here in the Anchorage/Mat-Su Valley area! SecondRunOzarksThe Clothesline ConsignmentAlaska Picker, and Growing Spurts are just a few of my favorites. I've been scoring BIG at these shops lately and have to admit, "thrifting" is kind of an addiction. Pretty sure it's all about the thrill of the chase. ;) 

"EAT" letters - Alaska Picker
red star - Red Barn in Palmer

vintage Coach handbag - SecondRun

J Brand jeans - SecondRun

I had to resist the urge to include my favorite local restaurants because, well, that would make for one hell of a long post. ;) Another time, promise!

If you are a fellow Alaska dweller, what are your favorite local shops? SPILL!

I love supporting local shops! Big thanks to CacheAlaska for partnering with me!

04 December 2015

This one's for Kyle...

TGIF! For real, not having a washing machine all week as proven to be wayyyy more annoying that I could have imagined. Who knew that washing 4 days worth of clothing for 4 people would cost $40 at the laundromat?! Seriously??? I prefer to do loads on loads on loads at home and people completely blind to the amount of money I'm spending thank you very much! But, today brings us a new washing machine, so I say again--TGIF!

Most of us (read: Kyle) probably still have quite a bit of Christmas shopping to do. In the name of doing something that you have never seen on another blog AND to help ensure I don't find a new fly rod under the tree with my name on it, I present to you...

A Holiday Gift Guide! ;)

2015 holiday gift guide

1. The Sephora Liquid Luxuries Perfume Sampler is a killer deal! In this set you get 15 deluxe sized samples in addition to a voucher for a free full size fragrance. For the price, thats just nuts! If your looking to just go for it and choose a full size fragrance from the get go, you can't go wrong with a classic like Chance by Chanel, or the tried and true uber popular fragrance Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana OR my latest obsession, B. by Balenziaga Sephora's Beauty Gifts.

2. Ray Ban Aviators Every woman needs a pair of nice, timeless aviators--it's just a fact.  Another fact? Nordstrom has several colors marked 25% off right now!

3. A monogram mug. It's personal. It's practical. It's pretty. That's essentially the ingredients for a perfect gift, am I right? TIP: If she's a habitual coffee re-heater, you may want to grab the microwave safe version instead of this limited edition gold one. Nothing ruins a perfect gift like a house fire...

4. This sweater is the first thing I've ever owned by Free People because, well, keeping it real, their price point is a little insane to me. This sweater though...consider me converted! Ok fine, I got it on super sale, but still. It's flattering, versatile and oh so comfy! (Get it for 40% off here.)

5. Michael Kors watch. I've been going back and forth between purchasing this large, gold toned watch or snagging a more unexpected tortoise and gold bracelet watch. Both are great, but if we are going for the safe, more wearable option then it's this gold one for sure.

6. A fun Kate Spade wallet. I love the pop of color this wallet would undoubtedly bring to a winter wardrobe! Oh, did I mention this wallet is HALF off right now at Nordstrom??? Run, don't walk...or just click here and continue sipping your coffee.

7. Yellow Nikes. I don't have a pair of yellow sneakers and apparently I need some. These. The outfit possibilities running through my mind are endless. I feel like they may even work as a neutral... won't know for sure until they reside in my closet. ;)

8. Hunters. I just purchased a pair of matte red hunters about a month ago so the fact that these are even on my list is rather troublesome... Clearly these are an addiction! I find myself reaching for my Hunters more days than not here in Alaska, so maybe that's why I'm craving more color options. Regardless, I've got my eye on you hunter green...

9. Diptyque Home Fragrances. I've raved about this brand before, so I won't get too wordy here, the gist is that they pack a PUNCH and are so luxurious! I would recommend grabbing their most popular scent if this is your first time trying Diptyque, but 'vanille' is my favorite fragrance of theirs!

10. MAC lip products.  Kyle, don't be intimidated by the make up factor here; this one is kind of a ground ball. MAC has such great quality lipsticks and they carry just about any shade and formulation you could possibly dream of! I'm looking to add Brick O La and Lady Danger to my collection, but by simply taking a look at their best sellers list or talking to a rep at the beauty counter I'm sure you'll make a great choice! ;)

11. These high waisted leggings are hands down the best things to cover my legs in quite some time. I mean, they are nippin' and tucking in allllll the right places! These leggings don't stretch out and loose their shape as the day goes on and can be worn with just about anything! I'm talking you can wear these to bed, to Target, to the gym, then glam them up for date night. You just can't go wrong here, PROMISE!

*Huge thank you to SwimOutlet.com for partnering with me on this post. All items on this list were selected by me and all opinions are my own. I highly suggest checking out Swim Outlet's Holiday Gift Guide and more specifically their collection of gift ideas for the fashionista.

Happy shopping!!

03 December 2015

Michael Robert - 7 Months Old

My son is SEVEN months old?! Nope. I don't buy it. (Ok, fine. He's nearly eight months old at this point...Maybe late baby updates are just our thing.) 

Speaking of the cobwebs around this blog, hopefully that will be changing in the not so distant future. Thanks to Cyber Monday, my computer situation is getting an upgrade! I'm currently posted up in my bedroom closet where it is hotter than balls dealing with throwback, like AOL style, internet speed. I just don't have the time or Xanax stockpile to deal with this set up. ;)

Anyway, about our son...

Numbers || No doctor's appointment again this month, but he is dangerously close to surpassing his big sister in diaper size! His thighs just don't quit!

Diet || Still 100% breastmilk. We did attempt solids a couple of times this month, but he just wasn't into it. To be frank, I'm not really into it much either. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the developmental implications of Mike eating solids as well as the independence that comes along with it (for BOTH of us)--but goodness gracious! Nursing him is just so much easier...Pinky promise I'll try harder.

Loves || His paci, chest naps, Mallory, apparently he has grown quite fond of his sisters' favorite TV show because it has calmed him on more than one occasion this month, being tickled, baths, toys (the noisier the better!) yelling, practicing sounds... I feel like this list could be endless because he really is SUCH a happy kid!

Loathes || Ugh, that damn carseat! I'm just in a place where I'm counting down until we upgrade him to a larger, more upright seat. If he isn't really ready to take a nap when we pile in the car, I can count on him screaming the entire time. Not fun for any of us!

Clothes || He is just about out of 9 month shirts but can still comfortably wear 9 month pants and sleepers. Lets just go with 9-12 month sizes again. ;)

Baby Gear || Other than things like the carseat he hates,  his beloved pacis and our Ergo, there isn't really toooo much baby specific gear that Mike and I can't live without. I mean, he goes in his walker, his swing, and his bouncy thing, but that is more for my benefit than him loving it. You know? Maybe that is a second child thing, maybe it is just his personality, but we kind of just go with the flow and don't require much in the way of "gear."

Sleep || Nothing too different than last month other than he seems to be trying to drop his mid morning nap. I'm ok with that. Mal doesn't nap so it's not as though I have a shot at coordinating naps... Play on little man!

Social/Milestones || There have been no attempts to crawl yet, but Mike is rolling a decent amount. Wherever he wants to go, he seems to at least attempt to roll there. Also noteworthy is Michael's interest in toys; he loves them! It's amazing to watch his determination while he plays/explores. Bath time is straight up comical! H is a total spaz with his bath toys! We can already tell that he is going to put our baby proofing skills to the test! It seems things aren't worth his time if he can't physically manipulate them. (This is very unlike Mallory who preferred to visually study things before getting too hands on.) OH! We have teeth! I can't tell if he has one, two or three teeth, but what he most certainly does have is a hot orthodontic mess happening in the lower right quadrant of his mouth... Mike is starting to show a little bit of separation anxiety with me--not super excited to see me leave the room or not have me in his sight. And call me crazy but I'm pretty sure he responds to his name now!

I think that's all I've got for 7 months but 8 months is shaping up to be an exciting one!

Check out Mallory's six month update here!

16 November 2015

Our Weekend...

Boy do I hope your Monday is going better than ours! We got started bright dark and early with a barf bonanza of the toddler variety. Two rooms affected. Not pretty. Not pretty at all! The good news is we got to try out our new carpet cleaner! So there's that...#fml (Mal isn't really sick. She is just congested and gagged resulting in a full stomach purge.)

Lets talk about something more pleasant, shall we? Our weekend, it was a good one! Nothing terribly exciting happened, no scratch that, it did! The Sephora VIB sale happened. Talk about getting things off on the right foot! An online order and a stroll through the store later, I can confidently say I'm well stocked for the next several months and even knocked out some Christmas shopping in the process. If that's not a win, then I just don't know anymore...Check out my picks here! Today is the last day to take advantage of 20% off for VIBs!!!

Shop HERE now!

Did I tell you I started Weight Watchers? No? Well, I did, about two weeks ago. It was time to buckle down and make some changes. Kyle (courageously) got me a FitBit last month and that is kind of what got the ball going.  After the first week of Weight Watchers, I hit my pre pregnancy weight! FINALLY! Next up is to find my new "feel good" weight. Game on saddle bags. Game. ON! Anyway, long story short, my meetings/weigh ins are on Saturdays, so our weekend started off with that...

The weather was seriously frigid alllll weekend, so we stacked the indoor activities somethin' fierce! First up Saturday after my meeting was an underwhelming indoor playground on base called Arctic Oasis. Well, it isn't underwhelming for Mallory, but it's not a parental favorite... convenience just wins sometimes. No photos from Arctic Oasis because I was busy walking laps with Mike (read: earning more "activity points" to cash in for food later ha!) while Kyle and Mal got their play on.  We spent the rest of the day Saturday running errands then had a nice, relaxing dinner at home.

Sunday we decided to try out the new trampoline park in south Anchorage, Get Air. SUCH a blast! Seriously, the restraint required for me and Kyle to remain with our children and not go buck wild on the trampolines was remarkable. Oh, and I guess Mal and Mike had fun too. ;)

On Fridays they offer toddler time from 10-12 and we will definitely be checking that out! There is a section of the park that is blocked off for the smaller kids which is great, but leave it to Mallory to sniff out the huge dodgeball court and even bigger obstacle courses. Maybe we could better postpone her first ER visit by limiting the size of the bodies flying through the air... 

Mike, of course loved all of the loud commotion. And balls. Can't forget the balls. 

We went straight from Get Air to a birthday party at yet another indoor playground! Mal was sufficiently wiped by the time we got back to home. Quick bath and she went straight to bed which meant Mama got to not only shower, wash my hair AND shave my legs, but also log some looonnngggg overdue beauty maintenance. I had to break out the big guns to tackle the situation I was working with. These below zero temps we've been having mean my skin is straight up PARCHED! Like Sahara Desert style. So I went in with the Glam Glow cleanser, followed it with my favorite clay mask, cleaned myself up and finished things off with some vitamin C and a refreshing face mist. Seems to have done the trick...for now! It's currently -10 outside!!

What did you do this weekend? 

Tell me what you got at Sephora?!!!!

08 November 2015

Sephora VIB Sale!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! And no, I'm not talking about the upcoming holidays. I'm referring to the Sephora VIB sale! Sephora NE-VER has sales so this opportunity to take 20% off your entire purchase mustn't be missed.

I have plans to take advantage of this sale in a big kind of way! I'm talking new fragrances, products to experiment with, Christmas gifts for family and friends, and just a good old fashion resupply of the essentials.

makeup shopping ideas

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight || nine || ten || eleven

The big ticket items for me this go around are two fragrances. After many, many samples, I think I've decided on Si by Giorgio Armani and Gucci II. They are both excellent everyday scents that just feel like "me." It seems like I haven't shopped for fragrance in years, so I've really enjoyed exploring the market again. Curiosity has me wondering, what are your favorite fragrances?

I've sang the praises of "lolita" for quite some time and was so excited when Kat Von D launched additional shades to her liquid lipstick line! Our local Sephora sold out of the new inventory in like .2 seconds and online has been out of stock too. Sucks! I'm DYING to get the shade "lovesick" and am hoping they restock in time for the sale.

Speaking of lip colors, have you tried out the YSL Glossy Stain yet?! I randomly tried it on at Nordstrom the other day and was blown away! It felt like I had nothing on my lips yet the color was so vibrant and stayed on for hours! I'm digging shades "5" and "9".

While I'm in the lip product section, might as well grab another Dior Lip Maximizer.  ;) It's the best!

I'm in the process of kind of overhauling my hair care routine. My hair is just needing some extra attention thanks to the uber dry air up here plus I've been itching to style it in something other than a "can't remember the last time I washed it messy bun." YouTubers of the naturally curly variety told me I simply had to give the Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing and Refreshing Spray a shot and well, I do what I'm told. ;)

The rest of the items waiting patiently in my online shopping cart are repeat purchases. I've been out of my Bobbi Brown Corrector for far too long and failed to find a sufficient dupe. My Brow Wiz is on it's last leg and my favorite shower oil has mere drops remaining. Does it ever hurt to have an extra Beauty Blender, cleanser or brush head on standby? I think not! Plus paying full price blows the big one.

All in the name of saving money people. All in the name of saving money. 20% off means it's basically free, right?

Oh! Have you heard of this Flash thing Sephora offers now? (Not for those of us in Alaska of course, because we basically live on a different planet according to online retailers...) Anyway, it's a subscription service that gets you 2 day shipping for the entire year for just $10! Click here to sign up for FLASH!

I think that's all I've got!

Again, I'm dying to know what fragrances are your favorite aaannndddd what you plan to purchase during the VIB sale!

sephora promo code

Shop now here!

04 November 2015

Michael Robert - 6 Months Old

Once again, I'm embarassingly late writing Michael's 6 month update. Ugh, second children man...it's tough! At least I take his monthly photos on time, right? That's gotta count for something...

happy baby

Let's just get to it before I miss next month's update. #momfail

six month old developmental milestones

Numbers || 18.7 pounds (70th percentile) 26.7 inches (65th percentile) It was so funny taking both kids to the doctor this month. Mallory is very much in the scream bloody murder from the moment the doctor walks in until the moment he leaves phase while Mike was just giggling and having a grand ol' time. (I'm sure you can imagine the shit show that appointment was...)

six month old developmental milestones

Diet || 100% breast milk. His doctor gave us the green light to start introducing solids (which we did with Mallory around 5.5 months) but Mike is sooooo not interested. He wants to put anything and everything in his mouth but that is a teething thing, not a food thing in his case. He doesn't really watch intently as we eat, then again, we eat in shifts so he may not actually have the opportunity HA! So, we are just going to wait a little longer to start experimenting with solids. I'm in no hurry! I'm completely happy breastfeeding for as long as Michael wants. 

six month old developmental milestones

Loves || Being naked, being tickled, his paci (Mam and only Mam), being worn (forward facing mostly), babbling with Mommy, his feet, putting everything in his mouth, bath time, toys, Mallory,

six month old development

Loathes || The carseat woes continue and he has decided he isn't huge on independent play (both him AND his sister. At the same time. Coooooooool phase guys...)

six month old development

Clothes || Holding strong in 9-12 month size clothing and size 4 diapers. 

six month old boy development

Sleep || Not too much has changed on this front with Mike. He takes a decent 1.5-2 hour nap late in the morning and is good for another hour long nap around 4pm. The only time he really struggles with sleep is if he needs to poop. (You're very welcome for sharing that with the world, Michael.)

six month old boy

Social/Milestones || Literally the day before he hit the 6 month mark he rolled from back to tummy! He is also propping himself up on his hands to sit. :) Let the good times roll...

six month old boy

Health || Nothing exciting to report here. Phew!

Before you go, I wanted to share a post I recently wrote for Desitin. The post is all about how we navigated those nighttime diaper changes with Michael and ultimately bought ourselves a few more precious hours of sleep! Click here to read more.

six month old boy

Check out Mallory's six month update here!
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