30 January 2015


Oh Friday, it's wonderful to have you back. Is it just me or did this week drrraaaaaggggg?! What do you say we kick off this weekend with a whole bunch of random?
Ready go!

one || I've reached a new low in my life. After sporting a cracked/chipped iPhone screen for several months, I finally got it fixed and now shamefully sport an Otter Box on my beautiful iPhone 6 plus. What stings more than the big nasty case is the "told ya so" I got from Kyle. I can oh so distinctly remember our conversation a few months back... 
Kyle : "You're really putting that stupid case on your phone?"
Me : "Um yeah! It's cute."
Kyle : "You are definitely going to break your phone."
Me : "Psh, no way! I've had an iPhone since the 3 and have never broken a screen once."
two || Valentines day is just around the corner and I'm seriously stumped on gift ideas for Kyle. Because we are super spontaneous and romantic, we have already discussed our Valentines Day parameters. $50 budget for gifts. I cook something special for dinner. Kyle is in charge of dessert. Done and done! Needless to say, we both have a healthy appreciation for clear expectations. Anyway, I need help! A new tool or fishing shirt doesn't scream Valentines Day, but it's probably what he wants. Any ideas??
three || I'm pretty sure I need these. If you follow me on instagram, you are well aware that we are battling a wicked case of cabin fever up here. This winter has not been good to us so far. Lately it's been all frigid temps and non of the fluffy white stuff which means the outdoor activities are scarce. These four walls have me dreaming of bright colors, florals, green grass, sunshine, and a cold beer (post baby of course.) 

four || Mallory's swim lessons begin next week. They are twice a week for thirty minutes the entire month of February. I'm so excited to get her in the pool and watch her experience something new! What I'm not excited about is squeezing this pregnant bod of mine into a swim suit. Lumps and bumps and stretch marks oh my! Phew, thank goodness I'm married. ;) Did having a baby make any of you other moms hate wearing a swimsuit even more than before? I went from bikini lovin' to mom suit in 9 months flat. Literally, this is what my suit looks like. And I like it! 
five || This week Kyle and I moved baby Woody in to Mal's room. By "moved him in" I mean we put his clothes away. I was getting a little concerned that at this point in the game, we didn't have nearly enough prepared for him. Thankfully, I was wrong. After taking an inventory of what we already have, we've come to the conclusion we have a little of everything but not enough of anything. That makes sense, right? Apart from one or two "baby gear" type items, I just need to continue collecting baby boy clothes. Twist my arm why dontcha! ;)
There you have it, my word vomit for today. I hope you have an outstanding weekend planned! We will probably spend ours laying low and watching the Super Bowl. Kyle hasn't been feeling well which means he probably won't be down to hike...probably ;) 
Looking for a last minute dish for your Super Bowl party? Try this dip!
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28 January 2015

Dressin' Up My Jammies

We've finally gotten a bit of a cold snap up here in the last frontier! Hallelujah! Temps have been hovering in the single digit negatives, with wind chills a bit more brisk than that. No complaining from this pregnant lady! My extra insulation has me thinking that 30 degrees is rather warm...

Anyway, when it's bitingly cold outside, I want nothing more than to snuggle up in my jammies and not move a muscle. Alas, life must go on and toddlers must play, so I've figured out how to make loungewear work in the daytime. 

Boots ||  Sorel - Joan of Arctic
Leggings || Target - Seamless
Sweater || Target Maternity (old, also love this one!)
Jacket || Old Navy (old, I do like this year's version in red)
Bag || Longchamp - Large Le Pliage Tote
Scarf || Boutique (LOVE this one even more!)
Lipstick || MAC - Snob
Nails || Essie - I Pink I Can

Happy Wednesday!

27 January 2015

Kyle Gets Mushy

Today Kyle is here to answer some mushy gushy questions about yours truly. It's been a few months since we participated in the Blogger Men Tell All  but I had to capitalize on forcing Kyle to say nice things about me the link up's Valentines Day twist.

Ready? Dun dun dun dunnnnnnn!

holla if ya dig my cabin^

What is your favorite memory with your blogger?

Finding out she was pregnant... both times.

What is her best quality?

Independent, strong willed... aka she is down to argue. This is all fine and dandy, except she LOVES to argue when I'm trying to go to bed. The two don't mix in my head because my argue box is no where near my sleeping box.

What is something the two of you enjoy doing together?

Trying new restaurants and going on hikes.

What is your favorite post of hers that she has ever written?

Dog posts. Nothing brightens my day like old yeller pics (sorry mal)

(Read about LT & Schatzi)

How much time do you think your blogger puts into blogging each week? (And what are you normally up to when she's blogging?!)

1 hour a day (really I have no idea). Because I'm such a model husband, while she is blogging I tend to the house, kids and canines, ensuring she is uninterrupted. (really though, probably asleep, watching TV or crying for help with the nastiest diaper I have ever seen)

And that's all he wrote. 
Have a fantastic Tuesday!!

23 January 2015

Loving Lately || Beauty Edition ||

Recently I've gotten into quite the groove with my beauty/skin care routine. I've never been big on consistent routines, mainly because I love experimenting with new products. Don't get me wrong, I still looooove trying out different things, but lately it seems everything I've purchased in the beauty world has been a home run. Can't complain about that, now can I?

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream  || This stuff. Give it to me everywhere. Ok not everywhere, skip my t-zone. I rub this stuff on my cheeks and neck every night before bed, sometimes even under my makeup during the day if I'm feeling particularly parched. Kyle may or may not have used this stuff on occasion, it's that good. 

Caudalie Beauty Elixir || Thanks to jolly ol' St. Nick, I finally got to give this beauty elixir a try. What is a beauty elixir you ask, I haven't a clue. You spray it on your face whenever you want and you instantly teleport into a peaceful spa. I was drawn to this stuff because I read that it acts like a toner (I LOVE toner) and due to my current state (pregnant) I can't use many of my favorites. I use this under both my day and night time moisturizers and really any other time I need an escape ;)

It Cosmetics Tightline Primer || This is a super recent purchase. I grabbed it from Ulta during my trip to North Carolina. Of course, I grabbed the waterproof formula of this eyelash primer. Not only does it prime your lashes for mascara, but it can even double as your eyeliner if used correctly. It's so intense that it can do the job of your mascara even on its on. Any mascara applied on top of this primer will be worth a million bucks, promise. 

L'Oreal Paris Brow Stylist || Admittedly, I purchased this brow gel because I was too cheap to splurge on this one. But, I've really enjoyed it! It is a great, quick alternative to fully filling in your eyebrows and it last all. day. long! The only drawback for me is I wish their color range was a bit more broad. 

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer || I've almost emptied out this container of concealer and will 100% repurchase it. I use it not only to conceal, but got it in a light enough shade to double as my highlighter. Its gooooood.

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel || Every single night. This is one I'm sure I've mentioned before, but I'm obsessed. I've seriously had this jar forever and still have a ways to go before its empty. I like to keep mine in the refrigerator for a little extra something when I apply it under my eyes before bed. It is so refreshing and hydrating! I really notice a difference in my under eye the following morning. I highly recommend!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush || This is my first ever Tarte blush! I got mine in the shade 'glisten' which is a shimmery peachy pink. I find myself constantly reaching for this stuff. The shimmer is subtle but enough to really wake your face up. I look forward to trying out new shades. 

Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh || Alaskan winters make you do crazy things for a little hydration. I've been using this lip scrub nearly every day because my lips are so cracked and scaly. It enables my lip balm to get the most bang for it's buck by really scrapping away all the flaky skin. Love!

*This isn't photographed, but it must be mentioned... this under eye setting powder by elf. For the longest time I had no idea you were supposed to use a different powder to set your under eye makeup. Skeptical, I grabbed the cheapest stuff I could find and my world is forever changed! No creasing, lasts for ever and is as soft as a baby's bottom...everything you could want in your under eye makeup. #amiright?
Have you tried any of these products? What are some of your favorite things that I need to add to my shopping list?

22 January 2015

Toddler Tales || Flying

After having flown to the lower 48 with Mallory at least five times over the past year and a half, I thought I had it down to a science. The number of spare outfits, diapers, wipes, snacks, entertainment, all of it; I knew what I needed and what I didn't. Little did I know how much Mallory's ability to walk paired with my growing belly would make for a torturous "infant in arms" flight. I know you're thinking, "duh Amanda! That sounds like a nightmare anyway." I wasn't thinking it was going to be a pleasurable flight, but not too terribly different from those that preceded this one. 

In Mallory's defense, she did great on the flights to North Carolina! We had two layovers which allowed for plenty of time to grab a meal and find the airport play area. She was calm on the plane and either watched Frozen, ate snacks, or took little catnaps. No complaints here!

It wasn't until the flights home where she really let me have it. Our itinerary included a 2.5 hour flight, 45 minute layover followed by a 6 hour flight. Sounds like fun, right? 
On the first leg, we arrive to our seat only to find a massive man spilling over into half of our seat. He was very friendly and ever so patient with Mallory's shenanigans, but having all the space we could get in our own seat was crucial. After a take off tantrum, I discovered that Mallory had no intention of napping on this flight. Thats ok, lets play! NOPE! Mallory wasn't down for playing. So, I do what any good mother would do and started rummaging through my bag in search of my iPhone to play some Baby Einstein. Only my phone was missing. Yep. 15 minutes into the flight, I had lost my secret weapon. I had everyone around me searching for my damn phone all while Mallory was making it abundantly clear that she was not pleased. No phone. Ok, next idea? I decided to stand in the isle and woo her with an oldie but goodie, the rock, sway, bounce combo. (PS. Flight attendants apparently don't love it when you stand in the aisle during the drink service. #sorryimnotsorry) No dice. Finally an angel from the heavens appeared and offered to switch seats with us. She even had an open seat next to hers. Done and done! Upon parking it in our new, spacious accommodations, Mallory discovered the toddler girl and her mother sitting across the isle from us. Mom was well prepared with sugary snacks and iPads for all.  So Mallory abandoned crusty ol' mom and joined a new family....for the next thirty minutes. Curled up on this stranger's lap, Mallory enjoyed iPad games and incoherent conversations with the little girl. I took a water break. End flight. [Oh, my phone. It was in my seat back pocket....]
During our layover I quickly learned just how important that meal/playtime break was. Mallory wanted to get down and play and we didn't have time for that before embarking on what was sure to be a joyous 6 hour flight. This flight featured, zero open seats and rude flight attendants. Mallory went right to sleep during take off! Pretty decent start after the first flight. The nap was short lived as she was woken up by a flight attendant not only bumping into her but yelling at me to make sure her feet weren't hanging over into the isle. Perfect. 5.5 hours to go. The rest of the flight was spent either walking up and down the aisle, throwing a tantrum or touching our neighbors. Except for the part where Mallory and the unborn baby Woody decide to conspire against me. We had only an hour to go in the flight when Mallory surrendered and started to doze off. Just as I ever so smoothly sat down, baby Woody decided to use my bladder as a trampoline. Up we go to the bathroom, nap time was over. The highlight of this particular flight was upon landing discovering that Mallory had shit all over both of us. Who knows how long that had been there, I can't smell anything thanks to the pregnancy congestion. 
So, do I have any tips for flying with a one year old? Helllll to the no! Buy yourself a beer and hope for the best. ;)

Has your toddler ever really let you have it while traveling?

21 January 2015

IPSY Glam Bag

ipsy glam bag subscription service

It's been a few months since I shared with you, the contents of my ipsy glam bag. I've been subscribed to ipsy for several months now and stand by my opinion of this being the best beauty subscription service out there. (You know I've tried my fair share ... ) I enjoy ipsy because they include a great mix of sample and full sized products. Plus the adorable little cosmetic bags?! Yes please! I use those darn bags for everything!

Here is what I got in my January Glam Bag...

ipsy glam bag subscription service

Hikari Cosmetics Mechanical Eyeliner || This eyeliner retails for $13. Mine came in a silvery/gray shade that I have been really surprised by. Eyeliners aren't typically something that I get terribly excited about since it usually isn't included in my daily beauty routine. This eye liner may just be an exception. It's easy to apply and the shade is perfect for everyday wear. Really enjoying this so far! 

| Use promo code 'HIKARI30' for 30% off your order! |

ipsy glam bag subscription service

Sheer Glo by Manna Kadar Cosmetics ||  The full size version of this shimmer lotion retails for $29. I have to admit to being intrigued by this stuff. I thought it would simply be used as a highlighter, mayyyybe a soft summer time blush, but the packaging says it can be mixed into your foundation. Whaaat?! It is so pretty swatched on it's own so I'm excited to try it out and get back to you! 

| Use promo code 'IPSY20' for 20% off your purchase. |
ipsy glam bag subscription service
La Fresh Eco-Beauty Good Day. Day Moisturizer || The full size version of this moisturizer retails for $40. I tend to gravitate towards light weight moisturizers that have SPF. Since this stuff doesn't include sunscreen I tried it for night time use and enjoyed it! This would be something to use in-between heavier evening masks/moisturizers since it is so light and sheer OR could be great under make up if I'm using it solely for an evening event. 

| Use promo code 'IPSYJAN15' for 30% off your purchase. |

ipsy glam bag subscription service

Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow by Pacifica || I couldn't find this individual eyeshadow on their site, but the Coconut Shadow Pallet of 3 retails for $14. (I'm pretty sure you can find this line at Target too.) Again, my eye make up game isn't very intense. Usually just concealer, mascara and done. I like that this shadow is a neutral shade and is buildable. I pat a small amount into my lid and really like the subtle shimmer it gives. For the price, I think it's a must! 

| Use promo code NEWBEAUTY for 20% off your purchase.  |

ipsy glam bag subscription service

(MALIN+GOETZ) Mojito Lip Balm || This stuff costs $12 for just .15oz more on their site. I'm such a sucker for a good lip balm. I like to keep some stashed all over the house, my car and in my purse. I always slather on a lightweight, fast absorbing balm while I apply my make up to prepare them for lipstick (or just another coat of balm, depending on the day ha!) This mojito lip balm was perfect for the job! This was hands down my favorite product from the January Glam Bag! 

| Use promo code IPSY15 for 15% off. |

You can sign up for your own ipsy glam bag subscription here!

Happy Wednesday!

14 January 2015

Pregnancy The Second Time Around

Taking a little vacation has given me a second to take a step back and reflect on this pregnancy. Gosh are there so many differences between my pregnancy with Mallory and this one...yet, countless similarities all at the same time.

Let me explain...

From the moment I started sharing the news of our second pregnancy, people asked the same question, "do you have any idea what you're having?" Uhhhhh no! I know some women swear they can tell whether their baby is a boy or a girl from the moment they are conceived; I'm not one of those women. I had no "sense" of baby's sex the first time, and was equally clueless the second time around. I had all the same symptoms, raging hormones, mood swings, skin breakouts, fatigue, morning sickness (albeit less intense)...yet one baby was a girl and one is a boy. I have gained less weight this time around, but that could simply be a testament to the fact that I started off 20 pounds heavier than I did the first time. 

The differences have really been in my emotional preparedness and connection with the baby. This has nothing to do with my level of excitement to meet our son, but more to do with the fact that I have a toddler keeping me busy. My day isn't spent fantasizing about meeting him, savoring each flutter and dreaming of holding him in my arms, but rather changing diapers and banging pots and pans together with Mallory. I feel like this pregnancy is going by so fast and I'm so unprepared. I hope the "nesting urge" kicks in at some point or baby Woody is going to be stuck wearing his sister's clothes...

Kyle has kind of shared the same sentiments. He is admittedly totally unaware of this pregnancy (shoot, even I forget I'm pregnant at times.) He works long hours and when he does make it home at a decent time it's all about Mallory, as it should be. It wasn't until a week or so ago that he said "woah! where'd that belly come from all of a sudden." Even sitting in the ultra sound appointment a couple of weeks ago, he was busy watching/entertaining Mallory, so he didn't really have a chance to soak in the experience. He says that he still sees Mallory as the "baby" so it's hard for him to imagine someone else assuming that role in our family. 

All of that being said, we are so anxious to see what life with a little boy and two kids will be like! Kyle has one sister and I have three sisters, so there are very few boys in the family. I love referring to him by his name and saying "he" instead of she. Kyle has said things like "we really should brace ourselves, I did some pretty dumb shit growing up." and "do you realize we will eventually have to feed a teenage boy?!" 

We are so blessed to be able to grow our family and experience this joy not only once but twice! I hope to make a more conscious effort to be still each evening and enjoy those kicks, jabs and rolls coming from my belly. 

Am I the only one to experience this with their second pregnancy?

13 January 2015

Baby #2 || Shopping List ||

At 23 weeks pregnant with our second child, I figure it's about time I start crackin' on the baby prep. We were pretty good about buying gender neutral items for Mallory, so most of the "big ticket" items can be reused for our son (ie. our infant carseat, pack n' play, swing, etc...) We even managed to have an entire box of gender neutral baby clothes! I'm trying to hammer out a list of things we need before baby arrives. There are things that I didn't have with Mallory that I'm going to get this time around, things that need to be restocked/improved, and other things that simply didn't survive babyhood. ;) 
baby gear
one || Ergo || We didn't purchase a quality baby carrier for Mallory and it was something I regretted. I ended up wearing her a ton and would have loved to have more back support. This is by far the most raved about baby carrier and seems to offer the most versatility.
two || Blankets || This was one of the few items that we seemed to buy "girly" for Mallory. I'm not sure why, but the heavier blankets seem to lean feminine or masculine rather than neutral. The few neutral blankets we did have, didn't survive those early months. ;) I still have plenty of swaddling blankets (our favorites) that can be used for baby #2!
three || Sleepers || I learned that you can never have too many sleepers. I plan on fully stocking him up on footed sleepwear!
four || Hiking Backpack || This is more for Mallory than for baby #2. We have a Kelty Kids hiking backpack currently, but it best suited for smaller kids. Since Kyle will be carrying her on our hiking, fishing and camping trips, he has requested a more heavy duty baby carrying backpack. We have heard great things about the Deuter Kid Comfort line. 
five || Hats || Of course, sun safety is a major priority in our house and since our little one will be so young during those summer months, we have to be diligent about keeping his head and face covered with hats. (We try to avoid sunscreen until our little ones are 6 months old.)
six || Clothing || All boy everything! I had no idea the selection of boy clothes was so different than girls. For real at Target the little boy's section is like a third of the size. Craziness!
seven || Pacifiers || Mal wasn't really into pacifiers as a baby, but did manage to destroy the few she used. We will just grab a couple to see what he is into.
eight || Rock N' Play || This is another one of those baby must haves that we seemed to skip right over with Mallory. I think for the price, it will be worth grabbing this time around. Having a toddler running around means I need to have a safe place to stick baby during middle of the day naps. ;)
nine || Socks || I don't think I've purchased socks at all in the past 9 months. Not because we are well stocked, but because Mallory does NOT keep them on. No matter how cold or distracted she is, those babies are coming off. Hopefully baby #2 will enjoy socks a little more than his sister... we will give them a shot anyway. 
ten || Glass Bottles || I have to throw all of our plastic bottles away! They just seem so dingy now. Even though Mallory was breastfed for her first year of life, we still had to use bottles heavily at the beginning and now that she is drinking whole milk at bedtime. Word on the street is that the glass bottles hold up a little better...
I've mentioned this a little before, but we are not setting up a separate room for baby #2 just yet. We will likely not be our current house longer than another year, plus we co-sleep for a while anyway. :)
At this moment we are holding off on purchasing a double stroller. I think for the first summer, the baby will be small enough to stay in the Ergo. Beyond that, we are just going to play it by ear. I don't see Mallory "allowing" us to keep her confined to the stroller too much longer... She's an independent soul, that one. 
Can you think of anything we are missing?! We would greatly appreciate your suggestions. 

08 January 2015

Master Bedroom Inspiration

With baby number 2 on the way, we've been doing a little mental reconfiguration of our three bedroom home. Our current set up includes a master bedroom, Mallory's room and the guest room/office. Living in Alaska we've had quite the revolving door of visitors (thank goodness!) therefore, giving the guest room to baby number 2 didn't make much sense. Also, we like to co-sleep for the first several months and we will likely be moving sometime in the next year! So, baby isn't getting his own room just yet. We have settled on Mallory and baby "sharing a room" for the time being. ("Sharing a room" in this case means we move our dresser into Mallory's room and store baby Woody's stuff in it.)

Soooo, shopping for a new dresser for the master bedroom has lead me to wishing for a completely redone master bedroom. Totally logical, right? Hey, nobody said I was sane. ;)

Here's a look I'm loving...

|| mirror
|| bedside table
|| navy pillow
|| light blue pillows
|| bowl
|| lamp
|| throw blanket
|| bed

What do you think?

07 January 2015

A Plaid Blazer

Over the past year, I've kind of fallen out of love with blazers. I'm choosing to blame it on temporary insanity caused by motherhood. ;) What was formerly a staple in my closet, had dwindled to the "donate" pile. It wasn't until I saw this blazer and knew I just had to have it! Icing on the cake -- It was just $12!!! There were so many ideas running through my head on how it could be styled.  Paired with a white button up, chunky pearls, camel colored wedged boots and a bright red lip.  Or how about a polka dotted blouse, black leather booties, a gold chain necklace and a nude/pink lip? Mmmm so good!

But, this is the look I chose for my first rendezvous with this plaid blazer...

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

maternity fashion

blazer || Target (on mega sale right now!! I picked mine up in store.)
tee || Banana Republic (old, but loving this one)
watch || Michael Kors (on sale!)
jeans || The Limited (non maternity)
shoes || Converse shoes
bag || Michael Kors (similar)

Are you a blazer gal? Where else can I find fun blazers like this one? 

06 January 2015

Ice Ice Baby!

Over the weekend, we finally made our way out to the Matanuska Glacier! We had plans to go around Thanksgiving when family was in town, but the stars didn't align (read: the Army didn't cooperate with my scheduling) so we weren't able to make it. We've lived in Alaska for nearly two years and this was the first time I had step foot on a glacier. Pathetic I tell you! 

Our house in Palmer is only about an hour drive from the Matanuska Glacier, one of the state's "must see" destinations. The drive along the Glenn Highway to the glacier was beautiful with plenty of places to stop and take pictures. We did have a little trouble figuring out where to turn off the highway, for those of you who plan on visiting. The entrance to the glacier access point is just past milepost 102. The little side street is essentially in the parking lot of a yellow ice cream shop/visitor center. Not impressed by the signage. ;)

matanuska glacier
After driving down a snowy hill and over a semi questionable bridge (about a mile or so), we arrived at the visitor center. Our car read the outside temperature at a cool -6 degrees. There we peed, and signed a waiver to walk on the glacier. Walking on the glacier was free, so there's that. We do love free. ;)  The lady inside told us to "dress warm" since it had only warmed up to -10 on the ice... burrrrrr!

matanuska glacier

After driving another mile or so, we reached the base of the Matanuska Glacier. Holy. Cow! We quickly got dressed in our layers of winter gear, loaded the baby in the BOB and headed towards the ice! Since the weather was a little more intense than we anticipated, we had to minimize the time Mallory was exposed to the cold temperatures. Kyle set his stopwatch to whatever super duper arctic army school taught him was safe and off we went! (I'm in no position to make fun of him. I forgot both my hat and gloves at home...Kyle had extras for me. He wins.)

matanuska glacier

I have to admit that when we moved to Alaska and I thought of a glacier, I pictured an iceberg. Like Titanic style. Since we can see a different glacier from our back door, and it was in fact not a massive chunk of ice in the middle of an ocean, I became underwhelmed. The idea of exploring one in person didn't really get me all hot and bothered. Boy was I wrong!

matanuska glacier

matanuska glacier

matanuska glacier

The glacier was incredible! Words and photos just can't do it justice. It is so beautiful while at the same time, so intimidating. 27 miles of glacier! Come on...

matanuska glacier

matanuska glacier

matanuska glacier

My friend Kelsey and her family also made it to the Matanuska Glacier this weekend! (Shout out to the Army for cooperating!) Check out their experience here.

Happy Tuesday!

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