13 January 2015

Baby #2 || Shopping List ||

At 23 weeks pregnant with our second child, I figure it's about time I start crackin' on the baby prep. We were pretty good about buying gender neutral items for Mallory, so most of the "big ticket" items can be reused for our son (ie. our infant carseat, pack n' play, swing, etc...) We even managed to have an entire box of gender neutral baby clothes! I'm trying to hammer out a list of things we need before baby arrives. There are things that I didn't have with Mallory that I'm going to get this time around, things that need to be restocked/improved, and other things that simply didn't survive babyhood. ;) 
baby gear
one || Ergo || We didn't purchase a quality baby carrier for Mallory and it was something I regretted. I ended up wearing her a ton and would have loved to have more back support. This is by far the most raved about baby carrier and seems to offer the most versatility.
two || Blankets || This was one of the few items that we seemed to buy "girly" for Mallory. I'm not sure why, but the heavier blankets seem to lean feminine or masculine rather than neutral. The few neutral blankets we did have, didn't survive those early months. ;) I still have plenty of swaddling blankets (our favorites) that can be used for baby #2!
three || Sleepers || I learned that you can never have too many sleepers. I plan on fully stocking him up on footed sleepwear!
four || Hiking Backpack || This is more for Mallory than for baby #2. We have a Kelty Kids hiking backpack currently, but it best suited for smaller kids. Since Kyle will be carrying her on our hiking, fishing and camping trips, he has requested a more heavy duty baby carrying backpack. We have heard great things about the Deuter Kid Comfort line. 
five || Hats || Of course, sun safety is a major priority in our house and since our little one will be so young during those summer months, we have to be diligent about keeping his head and face covered with hats. (We try to avoid sunscreen until our little ones are 6 months old.)
six || Clothing || All boy everything! I had no idea the selection of boy clothes was so different than girls. For real at Target the little boy's section is like a third of the size. Craziness!
seven || Pacifiers || Mal wasn't really into pacifiers as a baby, but did manage to destroy the few she used. We will just grab a couple to see what he is into.
eight || Rock N' Play || This is another one of those baby must haves that we seemed to skip right over with Mallory. I think for the price, it will be worth grabbing this time around. Having a toddler running around means I need to have a safe place to stick baby during middle of the day naps. ;)
nine || Socks || I don't think I've purchased socks at all in the past 9 months. Not because we are well stocked, but because Mallory does NOT keep them on. No matter how cold or distracted she is, those babies are coming off. Hopefully baby #2 will enjoy socks a little more than his sister... we will give them a shot anyway. 
ten || Glass Bottles || I have to throw all of our plastic bottles away! They just seem so dingy now. Even though Mallory was breastfed for her first year of life, we still had to use bottles heavily at the beginning and now that she is drinking whole milk at bedtime. Word on the street is that the glass bottles hold up a little better...
I've mentioned this a little before, but we are not setting up a separate room for baby #2 just yet. We will likely not be our current house longer than another year, plus we co-sleep for a while anyway. :)
At this moment we are holding off on purchasing a double stroller. I think for the first summer, the baby will be small enough to stay in the Ergo. Beyond that, we are just going to play it by ear. I don't see Mallory "allowing" us to keep her confined to the stroller too much longer... She's an independent soul, that one. 
Can you think of anything we are missing?! We would greatly appreciate your suggestions. 

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