12 January 2015

Hopes & Plans [Link Up]

Welcome to the "Hopes & Plans" link up! Any hopeful or goal-oriented post is welcome! It can be your life's dreams, aspirations, monthly goals or simply your chore list. Share with us! I hope for this to be a place where we can come to be inspired and motivated by the things other people have in the works. The possibilities are endless! Most things in life begin by first having a hope and then some kind of plan.

Last week, Mallory and I made the trek to North Carolina to surprise her aunts with a visit. It was a spur of the moment decision to snag some cheap plane tickets and get out of dodge. The family time, warmer weather and sunlight were much needed! Not to mention, Kyle seems to be really enjoying his time alone with the dogs and TV. ;)

Lets take a look at how I did with last week's hopes & plans...

|| Begin shopping for a new dresser
Sooooo many options, which lead to this post. What's a girl to do?! Do you have a dresser recommendation for me. I'm looking for something large with lots of storage, preferably in white and more rustic looking. 

|| Purchase this lipstick. Yes! I grabbed mine at Nordstrom and I'm so excited to try it out. 

|| Be better about posting to InstagramEhhh. I was doing better until we took off on our trip and I had to keep the posting to a minimum as to not give away our super top secret mission. ;) I'm going to keep trying though!

This Week's Hopes & Plans ::

one || Take Mally to the pool. We have swim lessons coming up in February and I would like to spend a little time before the start, getting her better acquainted with the water. 

two || Hit the outlets and grab a few things for baby Woody and Mallory. I'm sure you've gathered at this point that the shopping situation in Alaska can leave a little to be desired. I will be taking full advantage of my time in North Carolina by shopping for the kids (maybe a little for mama too...;))

three || Get my hair done. Taking full advantage of having babysitters and stopping by my mom's hair stylist for a few highlights. #momvacation

four || Enjoy family time! 

Your turn!!

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