08 January 2015

Master Bedroom Inspiration

With baby number 2 on the way, we've been doing a little mental reconfiguration of our three bedroom home. Our current set up includes a master bedroom, Mallory's room and the guest room/office. Living in Alaska we've had quite the revolving door of visitors (thank goodness!) therefore, giving the guest room to baby number 2 didn't make much sense. Also, we like to co-sleep for the first several months and we will likely be moving sometime in the next year! So, baby isn't getting his own room just yet. We have settled on Mallory and baby "sharing a room" for the time being. ("Sharing a room" in this case means we move our dresser into Mallory's room and store baby Woody's stuff in it.)

Soooo, shopping for a new dresser for the master bedroom has lead me to wishing for a completely redone master bedroom. Totally logical, right? Hey, nobody said I was sane. ;)

Here's a look I'm loving...

|| mirror
|| bedside table
|| navy pillow
|| light blue pillows
|| bowl
|| lamp
|| throw blanket
|| bed

What do you think?

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