02 January 2015

Oh, Hey Friday!

Happy Friday and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it's 2015? I certainly can't... 

We have Kyle home for a second consecutive 4 day weekend (shout out to the Army!!) and are probably wandering around on a glacier as you're reading this. Eeek! 

Fridays are the day to share a random brain explosion of thoughts. That's a thing, right? Hope so, because here it comes...

|| We rang in the new year at home over a low key crab dinner with a few friends and their babies! Both families have boys around Mallory's age so the kids were nice and worn out by the time the night was over. It's amazing how three toddlers can tornado around the house, each doing their own thing and be so completely entertaining to a bunch of grown ups. It was a great way to end 2014! 

|| I finally get these amazing new winter boots and don't even get to wear them. The weather here in Alaska has been so lame this winter. I can't believe it is January and we have ZERO inches of snow on the ground. Literally it was almost 50 degrees the other day! If I'm going to live in Alaska for a few years I want some good Alaskan winters. Errrr!

sorel joan of arctic

|| I feel like I got really pregnant over night. I've just been coasting thru this second trimester until this week when I suddenly started "remembering" some of those later in the game pregnancy symptoms. Labored breathing. Carpal tunnel. Swelling. Hugeness. You name it, it's snuck up on me this week. I'm not at all complaining; I love being pregnant, just feeling like it happened all of a sudden. Did this happen to you your second time around?

|| So for Christmas, Santa replaced the brush head on my Clarisonic Mia for me. Instead of the standard head for sensitive skin, I asked for the one for acne prone skin and it has made a huge difference so far! I wouldn't typically describe my skin as being "acne prone" but I was feeling as though my Clarisonic wasn't offering as deep of a clean as I craved.  After reading reviews, that wasn't generally the case for most other people. Also, I never experienced the "purging stage" that everyone talks about when they first start using the Clarisonic. Don't get me wrong, it still changed my definition of having a clean face, but it didn't necessarily change my skin. Long story short, I'm now experiencing a much deeper and effective clean using the new brush head. 

clarisonic mia

|| Mally is finally walking! Like for real this time. Just as she did learning to crawl, she didn't like to walk until she felt she could do it perfectly. From her first "crawling steps" to actually crawling around the house, two months. From first solo steps to actually walking around on her own, two months. Fortunately (or unfortunately) she learned how to climb in the mean time, so we haven't noticed much of a difference in her terrorizing abilities with the walking development. She was quite effective before. ;) Regardless, we are loving having a walker! So fun!

** Don't forget to link up your New Year's Resolutions here! I can't wait to read them all.  :)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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