26 February 2015

Six Years Cancer Free!

Happy Cancerversary! As of today I have officially been cancer free for SIX YEARS! Cancer survivors take the liberty of choosing which date they celebrate their "cancerversary." Many pick the day they were diagnosed; not me. I chose the date that I gave myself my very last shot of interferon. I want to celebrate a good day in my cancer journey; the day treatment was OVER! (My oncologist counts each year on January 26th, which is the anniversary of the surgery that removed all of my cancer.)

Every year this day is so incredibly humbling. I can't help but reflect on my experience with cancer and you know what's funny? It makes me happy. Without cancer I would not have my husband and our beautiful family. I wouldn't have the perspective my current perspective on life. Shoot, I wouldn't have started this blog! I've gained so much more than I lost by having cancer, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Without my doctors, family and friends who knows what my life would look like today. 

While today is a happy day, tomorrow is a nerve-wracking one. The pregnancy version of my cancer scan is tomorrow. We've been a little on edge (duh!) and the superstitions are already at play. ;) Nails are painted black (for melanoma), socks are crazy and my "peace out" tee shirt is washed and ready to go. Wish me luck!

I would love it if you would take a moment today and just appreciate life. It's good. So, so good. 

Happy Thursday!

Read more about my cancer story here

25 February 2015

A Maternity Fix

Ummm, did you know that Stitch Fix has maternity clothing!? Yeah, me neither. Early in my pregnancy, before I was massive showing, I scheduled my fourth Stitch Fix. In the note I wrote my stylist I shared that I was expecting and wanted more "forgiving" pieces in my upcoming fix. Boy did she deliver! I ended up getting some maternity leggings in that fix that I've been living in along with some chunky sweaters and a scarf. So as soon as I wrapped up that fix, I immediately scheduled another. I just had to test the limits with this Stitch Fix while pregnant business. This time, I didn't include a note to my stylist, which was risky, but once again, she did not disappoint. 

Take a look. 

maternity stitch fix

maternity stitch fix

First, can I just say how exciting it is to unbox your fix?! It's like opening a Christmas gift! You know I've been having trouble landing on my personal style lately, and being pregnant has made fashion that much more of a challenge, so Stitch Fix has been extra great to me. Anyway, on with the show...

maternity stitch fix

The first thing out of the stack was a navy fringe infinity scarf. I only own one other infinity scarf and I really enjoy the fringe on this one. Were this scarf a different color I definitely would have kept it!

maternity stitch fix

Next up was the Market & Spruce Aleah Heathered V-Neck Dolman Top. Dolmans aren't really my thing although this one beautifully accommodated Baby Woody. ;) For the price though, it had to go back, and again with the navy...

maternity stitch fix

Yasssss! You already know I kept this next piece if you follow me on Instagram... It is the Market & Spruce Shara Houndstooth Printed Vest. First, I'm obsessed with vests! Second, I own approximately nothing in houndstooth print. Not only is the vest fun and incredibly versatile, it fits, bump or no bump. LOVE!

maternity stitch fix

maternity stitch fix

The next thing off of my clothing pile was the Ron Mixed Material Maternity Top by Eight Sixty. I have to be honest, when I first saw this top I had no idea it was maternity and thought this is something I would definitely purchase if I saw it in the store. So naturally I was excited to try it on. It looked great! This top drapes slightly lower in the back which I really like. It was a tiny bit snug in the arms which was a little odd, but not dramatic enough not to keep. I did end up sending this piece back only because it was a bit pricey.  I was sad to part with it because it was absolutely stunning. :(

maternity stitch fix

maternity stitch fix

Last but not least was the Benfield Heathered Drape Front Cardigan by Caramela. When I saw this cardigan I was instantly transported to those early newborn days where you live in leggings and comfy sweaters... Ahhh this was perfect. I fit beautifully and draped nicely. I wanted so badly for this to not be in navy. :( I don't know why I struggle styling navy pieces so much, but I do...

maternity stitch fix

So, I only kept the vest, but really I would have kept each and every piece if money grew on trees. My stylist not only remembered that I'm pregnant but also remembered that I kept the leggings from the last fix and offered tips for styling some of these pieces with the leggings! Totally impressed. How does someone who doesn't even "know you" have the ability to correctly size your growing bump!? Incredible. 

If you were hesitant to either start receiving Stitch Fix boxes or nervous about continuing due to pregnancy, DONT! Stitch Fix totally has options for pregnant women that I'm sure you'll love! 

Do you have trouble styling any particular colors? Tell me I'm not alone...

maternity stitch fix

If you haven't already, click here to receive your first fix!

Read about my previous experiences with Stitch Fix here and here.

24 February 2015

My Nordstrom Bonus Points Picks

Big things are happening in my shopping world these coming weeks. It's all baby gear, tax return, pity purchase and Nordstrom up in our house! After what happened last week, I've hit the internet hard making wish lists of my must haves and nice-to-haves from good ol' Nordys. Nordstrom has their triple points event coming up March 18-22 for Nordstrom card holders. I know I know, thats still a couple of weeks away...But, you see, this event requires particular strategizing since I have expensive purchases in mind that may be difficult for Kyle to understand. ;) If I feel good about my make up collection then I'm a better wife and mom. Think he'll see it that way? Haaaa! 

Here's whats on my list so far... 

nordstrom card

Bobbi Brown Corrector in 'porcelain peach' || This is my secret weapon of the beauty world! It goes on after my moisturizer but before my foundation and concealer and completely cancels out any crazy discoloration. I use this under my eyes, around the edge of my nose and on any other funky spots. This stuff is a must and that tiny little pot lasts forevvvver!

Halogen Angled Leather Day Clutch || Umm, because its cute thats why! I'm rapidly approaching the "diaper bag" days again so this will be perfect to just toss in amongst all the baby things and easily grab when I need it. 

Bobbi Brown Blush in 'pale pink' || I've been searching for a cool tone pink cheek color for a while now and have heard rave reviews about Bobbi Brown's blushes. I have a hot pink shade by MAC and a coral-y color by Tarte so I think this will sufficiently diversify my blush collection. ;) 

New Balance '501' Sneaker || Leopard print on a sneaker?! Fughetaboutit! I was recently chatting with a friend about how New Balance seems to be making it's way back into the sneaker game. I'm happy to see vibrant colors from someone other the Nike. ($$$$$$!)

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in 'NW20' || This will only be my first time repurchasing this concealer but I've just been so happy with it! Again, this container lasted me such a long time and I'm certainly not stingy with my concealer... I picked a shade that offered a bit of a highlight in addition to concealment.

Hunter Adjustable Back Gloss Rainboot in black || If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you've seen these boots before. I've been dying to own a pair and now, now is the time! Kyle and I decided that after we paid a couple of bills with our tax return we would allot a couple of dollars for each of us to play with. I'm extending my dollars a hair and buying these babies! I've been torn as to whether I should get them in black or yellow, so I asked for Kyle's input and he instantly said black. (Maybe he was tired of my yellow rain boots from Target? Maybe he just wanted yellow to be my second pair?!...)

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream || This eye cream is raved about by some of my favorite gurus on YouTube! I finally grabbed a sample a while back and really enjoyed it! It can be used for night time or even under your makeup during the day since it has a primer built in. 

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in 'chilled on ice' || Another cult favorite with this product. For me it serves as an eye primer and concealer. Most days I don't wear eyeshadow and just slap this stuff on my lids to even things out. Big fan! 
Notice there aren't any clothes up there? Thanks to the baby bump, I'm no longer able to predict what my body will look like next week much less as the seasons change, so a wardrobe resupply will have to wait. 

Are you shopping the triple points event? Whatcha gettin'?

shop my picks :: 

20 February 2015

A Few Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! This week seemed to literally fly by. Kyle had a long weekend, Mallory finished up swimming lessons and I remained pregnant. Check, check and check! 
Before we get to our weekend activities, which includes a Vintage Home Show Market and baby prep, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite things from this week.
one || These earrings! I definitely want to order the both the black and dark champagne pair. They offer such a funky/fun twist on the classic pearl earring. I got tons of complements wearing these babies all week. Oh, did I mention they are only $2.99??!?!!! Run, don't walk.

Get yours here

two || Nordstrom. Ohhh man. Nordstrom did me dirty this week. I went in with every intention of stocking up on some beauty essentials but left with a pair of shoes instead. Please tell me that happens to you. (I got these except in navy/purple!) Anyway, as I was running through the beauty counters, checking items off of my mental shopping list, the woman at the Bobbi Brown counter kindly reminded me about triple points week. (March 18-22!!!!!!) DUH! #pregnancybrain I've already gotten like three things in the mail about this event and even made a note of it on my calendar! Soooo I decided to postpone the beauty purchases for a bit. (Ahem, but took some samples to hold me over.) I continued shopping though and created an even longer list of things I want need. Be on the look out for my "Nordstrom triple points picks" next week! It's going to be a doozie... But if Kyle asks, we went to Nordstrom so Mal could get a balloon, k?

three || Transitional scarves. I've gone into great detail about my love affair with scarves before, but they are just so gosh darn versatile! Pashmina Perfection has been my most recent go-to boutique for scarves. From deep colored, light weight fall scarves, to heavy winter blanket scarves allllll the way to fun florals for spring and summer, they've got it all! I'm thinking of grabbing this one for St. Patrick's day! 
Night On The Town Scarf c/o Pashmina Perfection

four || This meatball recipe. Mallory has this family in a meatball frenzy! She loves the damn things.  This week I tried my hand at homemade meatballs to go with our spaghetti dinner one night and it worked out great! Cheers to leftover balls for the weekend! ;)
five || Nesting. Phew! It's about damn time! At this point in my pregnancy with Mallory I had everything ready. Nursery, done. Shopping, done. Baby gear, ready and set up/installed. This time around... whoooooole 'nother story. I don't know if it's the fact that my blood pressure has started to rise that I feel the need to prepare (although that's probably counter productive...) or what, but I will be embracing the nesting urge with open arms! 
What were some of your favorite things from this week? 
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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18 February 2015

My Fashion Crisis

I'm so fortunate to be able to be a stay at home mom and I do not have an regrets regarding the choices Kyle and I have made for our family, but hot damn is the SAHM uniform complex?! For real, what am I suppose to wear to work every day?!?!  Yoga pants and oversized tee shirts all day everyday until your children start school is insane! Equally insane is a full face of makeup and 4 inch heels for browsing the Target aisles only after dealing with a morning of rapid fire toddler tantrums. I mean come on! Where is the line between frump-tastic and fantasy land?

Before Mallory was born and I was working outside the home, I genuinely looked forward to getting dressed everyday. I had a "signature look" in the office, felt put together, sophisticated, and pretty. I would have described my style very specifically as "southern/classic" and enjoyed searching for pieces to cultivate my collection. I styled myself a lot like this...

one || two || three || four || five  

Nowadays, outfits like that generally don't really work. They just aren't practical. You've seen my recent fashion posts and if you look at my fashion inspiration board on Pinterest, it's allllllll over the place! Edgy, preppy, conservative, trendy, loud, muted, etc. The contradictions are endless and I can't seem to place a finger on a look that I'm going for. I want to feel and look put together while maintaining some level of class. However, I also need to be down to chase a fleeing child, be snuggle-able and not want to hit the roof when I get someone else's food or fecal matter all over my top. Ya feel me?

Don't get me wrong, I know that it is not only acceptable, but fun to dabble a bit into a wide variety of looks. But, what works best for me now? What am I wholeheartedly drawn to? What makes me feel pretty and excited to get dressed each day? (Pretend I'm not pregnant, because duh!) I think I've found the sweet spot when it comes to fixin' my face and feeling put together in that sense, but now the ol' closet needs some attention.

I've really, really enjoyed adding fashion posts to my weekly blog schedule. It gives me the motivation I need to really pull together an outfit and learn what is working for me. I need to find a style that is both sophisticated and practical for my day to day life as a stay at home mom. I want comfort and class. I want to feel pretty again. 

Have you achieved the coveted SAHM fashion/function balance? SPILL!

(Can I just say, #firstworldproblems?! "Poor Amanda has a hard time picking out her clothes." A large part of me feels totally ridiculous even writing about this, but I'm doing it in hopes that someone else can relate. I 10000% realize in the grand scheme of things this is smaller than even a mouse turd.)

17 February 2015

Pretty Puffy In Pink

sweater || Forever 21
pants || Old Navy (maternity -- on sale now!!)
shoes || Franco Sarto
watch || Michael Kors
lipstick || Kat Von D in 'lolita'
necklace || old (similar here & here )
nail polish || Revlon in 'pink pineapple'

Holy cow do increased blood pressure and edema go hand in hand?! My hands, feet and face are nearing the unrecognizable stage in this pregnancy game. In fact, I sent my mom a picture of me holding Mallory on Valentine's Day to which she responded "gosh she is just so adorable! And you are really swollen." Gee Mom, how sweet... ;)

Anyway, I was able to waddle to the mall this past week and take advantage of some amazing sales! This bump friendly, light pink sweater was a major score at Forever 21! Our local store was recently remodeled and is so nice! Takes the typical chaotic Forever 21 shopping experience down a couple of notches. And how about that Kat Von D liquid lipstick?! I've owned this one in 'lolita' for months now, but it was buried at the bottom of one of my Marry Poppins like "diaper bags." Welcome back to the game 'lolita.'

Did you take advantage of any recent sales?! Please, do tell!

shop the look :: 
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