20 February 2015

A Few Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! This week seemed to literally fly by. Kyle had a long weekend, Mallory finished up swimming lessons and I remained pregnant. Check, check and check! 
Before we get to our weekend activities, which includes a Vintage Home Show Market and baby prep, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite things from this week.
one || These earrings! I definitely want to order the both the black and dark champagne pair. They offer such a funky/fun twist on the classic pearl earring. I got tons of complements wearing these babies all week. Oh, did I mention they are only $2.99??!?!!! Run, don't walk.

Get yours here

two || Nordstrom. Ohhh man. Nordstrom did me dirty this week. I went in with every intention of stocking up on some beauty essentials but left with a pair of shoes instead. Please tell me that happens to you. (I got these except in navy/purple!) Anyway, as I was running through the beauty counters, checking items off of my mental shopping list, the woman at the Bobbi Brown counter kindly reminded me about triple points week. (March 18-22!!!!!!) DUH! #pregnancybrain I've already gotten like three things in the mail about this event and even made a note of it on my calendar! Soooo I decided to postpone the beauty purchases for a bit. (Ahem, but took some samples to hold me over.) I continued shopping though and created an even longer list of things I want need. Be on the look out for my "Nordstrom triple points picks" next week! It's going to be a doozie... But if Kyle asks, we went to Nordstrom so Mal could get a balloon, k?

three || Transitional scarves. I've gone into great detail about my love affair with scarves before, but they are just so gosh darn versatile! Pashmina Perfection has been my most recent go-to boutique for scarves. From deep colored, light weight fall scarves, to heavy winter blanket scarves allllll the way to fun florals for spring and summer, they've got it all! I'm thinking of grabbing this one for St. Patrick's day! 
Night On The Town Scarf c/o Pashmina Perfection

four || This meatball recipe. Mallory has this family in a meatball frenzy! She loves the damn things.  This week I tried my hand at homemade meatballs to go with our spaghetti dinner one night and it worked out great! Cheers to leftover balls for the weekend! ;)
five || Nesting. Phew! It's about damn time! At this point in my pregnancy with Mallory I had everything ready. Nursery, done. Shopping, done. Baby gear, ready and set up/installed. This time around... whoooooole 'nother story. I don't know if it's the fact that my blood pressure has started to rise that I feel the need to prepare (although that's probably counter productive...) or what, but I will be embracing the nesting urge with open arms! 
What were some of your favorite things from this week? 
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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