04 February 2015

A Mallory Update (15.5 Months)

Since Mally's first birthday, I've dialed back the baby updates. But, she had her 15 month vaccines/16 month well baby checkup and has experienced some major changes these past couple months, so I figured it was about time for an entry into our online baby book. ;)

Stats || Yesterday Mallory weighed in at 23 pounds and measured 30.5 inches in length! Not too much change there since her birthday, staying strong in the 50th percentile. Her head on the other hand was well into the 75th percentile measuring 18.5 inches in circumference! Her doctor said her physical exam was perfect. :)

Clothing || Mallory wears 12-18 month clothing, size 4 shoe and size 4 or 5 diapers, depending on what's on the shelf. ;) We are still loving Target's diapers! They are almost always on sale with an additional discount on the Cartwheel app.

Sleep || She has gone back to her old ways of not napping. She will doze a bit in the car if the moment is right, but generally prefers to not miss anything during the day. At night she is giving us a solid 13-14 hours, going to bed somewhere between 7:30-9pm and waking up between 9-10:30am! Who can complain about that?!

Physical development || Mallory starting walking around 13 months! I have to say that she isn't any more destructive as a walker than she was as a crawler, so that hasn't been as scary as everyone said it would be. The real game changer has been the climbing! Oh man does this young lady looooveee to climb. We've found her on our bed, on top of the kitchen table, on the desktop computer, you name it, she's scaled it! It's been such a joy to watch her explore her surroundings. Mallory enjoys playing at turf time, running around the library and just started swimming lessons this week!

Language development || Much to Kyle's displeasure, it seems we have a chatty Cathy on our hands. ;) She adamently explains everything to us, complete with hand gestures and serious facial expressions. While a lot of her babbling is unintelligible to us, she is very effective in communicating her wants and needs.

She uses the following words : dogs, Schatz (Schatzi), ears, eyes, shoes, peas (please), uh-oh, butt, Mom, Daddy, Pappy, Nana, Papa, this, that, baby, book, yes, hat (thats all I can think of off the top of my head.)

She can identify the following by pointing/touching/getting : eyes, mouth, nose, tummy, ears, hat, an animal that should growl, book, ball, shoes, dogs. She says "kah" and points when she wants something to eat or drink. (Who knows what that word is??)

Finally, Miss Mallory loves to read! She is constantly bringing us books to read to her and even enjoys flipping through the pages on her own.

Teeth || Mal has 9 teeth total, including a molar that just broke the surface. Those molars are no joke! They seem to take forever to come in. So far she is really good about letting us brush her teeth and enjoys her "turn" once Mom or Dad is finished.

Diet || This young lady has not met a food she doesn't like. At this point in the game we've been blessed with an excellent eater! She eats exactly what we eat for each major meal and adds in a few additional snacks. She seems to prefer savory foods to sweet foods. Some of her favorite things to eat are, peanut butter, grapes, sausage, cheese, yogurt, pretzels, and banana. She drinks water throughout the day from a straw and has a bottle of whole milk in the morning and at bedtime.

I hope I'm not missing anything! Thanks for letting us share our daughter with you. :)

Happy Wednesday!!

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