10 February 2015

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

It seems we are in the season of life where so many of are expecting little bundles of joy. Especially in the military community, it seems that every month there are new babies being welcomed into the world. Whether visiting the hospital, stopping by the family's home or attending some sort of shower, usually gifts are given to/for the babe. It can get intense having to predict what the baby may need or what the parents may want for their little one. 
Prior to having Mallory, purchasing gifts for an expectant couple was, well...awkward for me. Do you buy clothes for the baby? What if the parents hate them or they get duplicates? How about diapers? Ugh, maybe they are using cloth diapers and I will have just wasted my money on disposable ones. The issues are seemingly endless! (Unless the couple has created a baby registry, in which case you can thank your lucky stars and proceed to check out!) Baby shower or baby welcoming gifts can be hard
Soooo, I've put together a little list of my go-to new baby gifts to give. Take a look...
1. socks || Boring, but necessary (unless you are my daughter.) Socks are always something a new baby will need and/or wear eventually. The more the merrier since those teeny tiny baby socks seem to disappear in the wash. I say go for the plain white ones; they are the easiest to match. ;)
2. books || Babies, no matter the age, can enjoy a good book. Tons of new parents would love to build their child a stout library to grow with. I like this book for younger babies and usually throw in my favorite classic for good measure. 
3. bath sets || These bath sets can be a bit of a splurge, but bath products are something that mom and dad will have to experiment with before they find the right one for their baby. Mustela and Burt's Bees both offer great gift sets!
4. plain white onesies || Isn't this just a part of the baby uniform? You can't go wrong buying these Carter's bodysuits or any other plain white onesie in my opinion. They are literally worn constantly! Under clothing or on their own, they are most definitely a staple!
5. sunscreen || Ok, this one is a little soapbox-y of me... but I really love to give baby sunscreen as a gift. I think that even though babies really shouldn't wear sunscreen until they are 6 months of age or older, sun safety is soooo important! I hope to contribute to getting the baby's skin off to the healthiest start by gifting baby safe sun protection. California Baby makes excellent sunscreen for little ones! 
6. swaddling blankets || Don't worry that the baby may not like to be swaddled, swaddling blankets can be used for everything! Burp cloth, nursing cover, changing pad, carseat cover, the possibilities are endless! I always give the aden & anais swaddling blankets in the adorable animal print. :)
7. teether || How cute is this Broccoli Bites teether by Little Toader?! They have some of the funniest teething toys in their product line which makes for a cute and practical shower gift. These teethers are super durable and completely safe for little ones. Babies can start teething within the first few months of life and it continues for years! (In fact Mallory can still be found gnawing on her broccoli.) Teethers are definitely a great gift option. 
8. footed sleepers || I swear, you can never have too many sleepers! Don't worry much about design or style, after all the baby is usually just wearing sleepers at home. We love these for a little boy or these for a baby girl. Kyle is a huge fan of zipper closures instead of buttons. He says they are much faster. Just food for thought as you shop around..
9. monogramed blanket or burp cloth || One of my dearest friends got Mallory a monogramed burp cloth before she was born and to this day it is one of our most treasured gifts. Not only is it practical and functional, but it is a sentimental gift as well. I'm really loving this monogramed baby blanket from Nordstrom. 
If you are a sucker for more personalized gifts or if you like to get crafty, I really love the idea of creating "survival kits." These are often a little collection of goodies/necessities that are geared towards each individual family member during the upcoming life change. For example, you could do hospital survival kits, a new mommy survival kit or even big brother/big sister kit! Pinterest has TONS of fantastic ideas to get your juices flowing.
All of these gift ideas aside, the most important thing here is your loving gesture. You are researching the best baby shower gifts because you care about this new baby and that is all that really matters to anyone. :)
Share your baby gift ideas with me!

Disclosure : I received the Broccoli Bites teether from Littler Toader as a gift from the company. Of course, ll opinions are my own. 

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