18 February 2015

My Fashion Crisis

I'm so fortunate to be able to be a stay at home mom and I do not have an regrets regarding the choices Kyle and I have made for our family, but hot damn is the SAHM uniform complex?! For real, what am I suppose to wear to work every day?!?!  Yoga pants and oversized tee shirts all day everyday until your children start school is insane! Equally insane is a full face of makeup and 4 inch heels for browsing the Target aisles only after dealing with a morning of rapid fire toddler tantrums. I mean come on! Where is the line between frump-tastic and fantasy land?

Before Mallory was born and I was working outside the home, I genuinely looked forward to getting dressed everyday. I had a "signature look" in the office, felt put together, sophisticated, and pretty. I would have described my style very specifically as "southern/classic" and enjoyed searching for pieces to cultivate my collection. I styled myself a lot like this...

one || two || three || four || five  

Nowadays, outfits like that generally don't really work. They just aren't practical. You've seen my recent fashion posts and if you look at my fashion inspiration board on Pinterest, it's allllllll over the place! Edgy, preppy, conservative, trendy, loud, muted, etc. The contradictions are endless and I can't seem to place a finger on a look that I'm going for. I want to feel and look put together while maintaining some level of class. However, I also need to be down to chase a fleeing child, be snuggle-able and not want to hit the roof when I get someone else's food or fecal matter all over my top. Ya feel me?

Don't get me wrong, I know that it is not only acceptable, but fun to dabble a bit into a wide variety of looks. But, what works best for me now? What am I wholeheartedly drawn to? What makes me feel pretty and excited to get dressed each day? (Pretend I'm not pregnant, because duh!) I think I've found the sweet spot when it comes to fixin' my face and feeling put together in that sense, but now the ol' closet needs some attention.

I've really, really enjoyed adding fashion posts to my weekly blog schedule. It gives me the motivation I need to really pull together an outfit and learn what is working for me. I need to find a style that is both sophisticated and practical for my day to day life as a stay at home mom. I want comfort and class. I want to feel pretty again. 

Have you achieved the coveted SAHM fashion/function balance? SPILL!

(Can I just say, #firstworldproblems?! "Poor Amanda has a hard time picking out her clothes." A large part of me feels totally ridiculous even writing about this, but I'm doing it in hopes that someone else can relate. I 10000% realize in the grand scheme of things this is smaller than even a mouse turd.)

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