24 February 2015

My Nordstrom Bonus Points Picks

Big things are happening in my shopping world these coming weeks. It's all baby gear, tax return, pity purchase and Nordstrom up in our house! After what happened last week, I've hit the internet hard making wish lists of my must haves and nice-to-haves from good ol' Nordys. Nordstrom has their triple points event coming up March 18-22 for Nordstrom card holders. I know I know, thats still a couple of weeks away...But, you see, this event requires particular strategizing since I have expensive purchases in mind that may be difficult for Kyle to understand. ;) If I feel good about my make up collection then I'm a better wife and mom. Think he'll see it that way? Haaaa! 

Here's whats on my list so far... 

nordstrom card

Bobbi Brown Corrector in 'porcelain peach' || This is my secret weapon of the beauty world! It goes on after my moisturizer but before my foundation and concealer and completely cancels out any crazy discoloration. I use this under my eyes, around the edge of my nose and on any other funky spots. This stuff is a must and that tiny little pot lasts forevvvver!

Halogen Angled Leather Day Clutch || Umm, because its cute thats why! I'm rapidly approaching the "diaper bag" days again so this will be perfect to just toss in amongst all the baby things and easily grab when I need it. 

Bobbi Brown Blush in 'pale pink' || I've been searching for a cool tone pink cheek color for a while now and have heard rave reviews about Bobbi Brown's blushes. I have a hot pink shade by MAC and a coral-y color by Tarte so I think this will sufficiently diversify my blush collection. ;) 

New Balance '501' Sneaker || Leopard print on a sneaker?! Fughetaboutit! I was recently chatting with a friend about how New Balance seems to be making it's way back into the sneaker game. I'm happy to see vibrant colors from someone other the Nike. ($$$$$$!)

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in 'NW20' || This will only be my first time repurchasing this concealer but I've just been so happy with it! Again, this container lasted me such a long time and I'm certainly not stingy with my concealer... I picked a shade that offered a bit of a highlight in addition to concealment.

Hunter Adjustable Back Gloss Rainboot in black || If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you've seen these boots before. I've been dying to own a pair and now, now is the time! Kyle and I decided that after we paid a couple of bills with our tax return we would allot a couple of dollars for each of us to play with. I'm extending my dollars a hair and buying these babies! I've been torn as to whether I should get them in black or yellow, so I asked for Kyle's input and he instantly said black. (Maybe he was tired of my yellow rain boots from Target? Maybe he just wanted yellow to be my second pair?!...)

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream || This eye cream is raved about by some of my favorite gurus on YouTube! I finally grabbed a sample a while back and really enjoyed it! It can be used for night time or even under your makeup during the day since it has a primer built in. 

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in 'chilled on ice' || Another cult favorite with this product. For me it serves as an eye primer and concealer. Most days I don't wear eyeshadow and just slap this stuff on my lids to even things out. Big fan! 
Notice there aren't any clothes up there? Thanks to the baby bump, I'm no longer able to predict what my body will look like next week much less as the seasons change, so a wardrobe resupply will have to wait. 

Are you shopping the triple points event? Whatcha gettin'?

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