26 February 2015

Six Years Cancer Free!

Happy Cancerversary! As of today I have officially been cancer free for SIX YEARS! Cancer survivors take the liberty of choosing which date they celebrate their "cancerversary." Many pick the day they were diagnosed; not me. I chose the date that I gave myself my very last shot of interferon. I want to celebrate a good day in my cancer journey; the day treatment was OVER! (My oncologist counts each year on January 26th, which is the anniversary of the surgery that removed all of my cancer.)

Every year this day is so incredibly humbling. I can't help but reflect on my experience with cancer and you know what's funny? It makes me happy. Without cancer I would not have my husband and our beautiful family. I wouldn't have the perspective my current perspective on life. Shoot, I wouldn't have started this blog! I've gained so much more than I lost by having cancer, and for that I'm eternally grateful. Without my doctors, family and friends who knows what my life would look like today. 

While today is a happy day, tomorrow is a nerve-wracking one. The pregnancy version of my cancer scan is tomorrow. We've been a little on edge (duh!) and the superstitions are already at play. ;) Nails are painted black (for melanoma), socks are crazy and my "peace out" tee shirt is washed and ready to go. Wish me luck!

I would love it if you would take a moment today and just appreciate life. It's good. So, so good. 

Happy Thursday!

Read more about my cancer story here

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