06 February 2015

Snapper Rock

Mallory started swim lessons this week! Oh my gosh, I think we are both equally obsessed. On the first night she literally squealed throughout the class because she was so excited. Does it get any better than seeing your child overcome with joy? I can't imagine that it does...
baby girl swim suit
Of course, in this house, we take sun protection very seriously! Kyle and I make a solid effort to stay current on sun safety recommendations and guidelines. From sunscreen to protective clothing and a UV index reading, you name it, we have it on hand at any given moment. When I was given the opportunity to work with Snapper Rock, a UV 50+ sun protection swimwear company for kids, I JUMPED!  After combing through their entire inventory of of products for baby girls, I picked out this hooded terrycloth one piece. (Hello! The outdoor swimming opportunities in Alaska are nonexistent!)    
sun protective swimwear for kids

sun protective swimwear for kids

Our order arrived at our doorstep so fast! Not just "fast for Alaska" but fast fast. We had it in plenty of time to prepare for our upcoming swim lessons. I was instantly impressed with the quality and thickness of this terrycloth and Mallory seems to appreciate its softness and warmth. I would note that their sizing does seem to run quite small. I ordered Mallory's in a size 2T expecting her to be able to grow into it and wear it through the summer, but it fits a little snug even now. Definitely size up! She wears it to her lesson and then puts it on immediately after to dry off and stay warm. :)

sun protective swimwear for kids

sun protective swimwear

I'm so happy to see clothing like this becoming "trendy!" So. Happy. I mean, look at all of these celebrities and magazine publications that are featuring children wearing protective clothing. As parents we are told to absolutely avoid sunburn at all costs but in the same breath told how "bad" some sunscreens can be for our little ones. Ugh! Finally the best of both worlds!
Here are some items I have my eye on for my kids (kid-s!!!??) ::
navy bucket hat

What do you think? Have you found high quality protective swimwear/clothing that you love?

Disclosure : I received the pink/white terrycloth 1pc free of charge in exchange for my review. As always, my passion for sun safety and opinions are my own. 

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