13 March 2015

A Love Story

Alright, since our third wedding anniversary is coming up, I'm going to use you as my guinea pig. I need to practice sharing the condensed "family friendly" version of the story of me and Kyle. [We met in college ok?!] 

Lets do this!

I was a sophomore who had just transferred from The University of Arizona to The University of Tennessee and was in the Army ROTC program. Kyle was a freshman, also in the ROTC program. One morning at PT, a mutual friend walked me up to a hungover, passed out seated, sleepy Kyle. He said "yo Woody, this is Amanda" to which Kyle peered up and gave me the head nod. It was love at first site. Haaaaaaaa just kidding!

Over the course of the next several weeks we would see each other at ROTC stuff and around our mutual friends, but that was really it. Ok fine, we hung out a couple of times at my apartment. (For real "hung out"-- not hook up hang out...promise!) I had just gotten out of a long relationship and Kyle was still in one which meant nothing romantic was in the cards for either of us at the time. Kyle and his girlfriend eventually broke up and Kyle began life as a partier, class skipper, wild child college freshman. During this time, my roommates decided that Kyle was the guy for me. I'm talking there were "Team Kyle" posters created... I wasn't convinced. At all. AT. ALL. I even nick named him Crazy Kyle because I thought he was so out of control! At one point he told me, and I quote "I will never ever get married." Woo me baby. Woo me hard.

Then cancer happened

After my diagnosis I withdrew from The University of Tennessee, was medically discharged from the Army and moved home to receive treatment. Unbeknownst to me, this was the beginning of the rest of my life, in an amazing way! Kyle sent me emails and text messages regularly throughout treatment to check on me and make sure I was doing ok. Anytime I visited my roommates at UT he was sure to stop by. He never let me go, even though I wasn't always the most receptive of his efforts. As treatment wound down, Kyle was the first person I wanted to talk to after I gave myself my very last shot. He became the person I needed to see whenever I made the trip to Knoxville. Maybe this guy was something special after all...

One of the things that I was so drawn to about Kyle is that he was always very, very straight forward. I never had to question his feelings about me. He made sure I knew exactly where his head was. (Three years into our marriage I'm realizing that can be freaking annoying... KIDDING! Kind of.) It wasn't long after my treatment ended that Kyle and I started dating exclusively. Things got serious quite quickly. Just a month into our relationship we met each other's families and most importantly, he passed the Schatzi test with flying colors! ;)Then Kyle went to off to Airborne School. During Airborne School I made the 8 hour drive to visit him twice. (Twice?! In three weeks??! Come on Amanda...) It was during his time at Airborne School that we exchanged the first "I love you."

Ok. This is Ranger School graduation. I can't find any photos from Airborne School. #wifeoftheyear

Just a month or so after that, we really started to talk about a future together.

To be continued...

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