17 March 2015

An Engagement Story

Welcome back! In case you missed part 1 of our love story, you can read it here!

Before I get into the actual engagement I have to paint you a picture of Kyle's state of mind during the months leading up to his proposal...

Like I said, Kyle and I had been discussing our future together. We knew marriage was in the cards for us but the timeline was a bit more ambiguous. Of course, Kyle had already committed to the Army and I had not the slightest clue as to what my post cancer career options would look like now that the Army was out of the picture for me. During a conversation at the end of his junior year, Kyle said something like "when we move to Benning after graduation, blah blah." Woahhhh. Is this guy under the impression that I'm going to prance around the country with him just you know, for funsies?! 

I spent a couple of days mulling over what he said. I certainly didn't want to give him "an ultimatum"- I was in no hurry to get married. Buuuut I also wasn't comfortable uprooting my own life to follow him wherever the Army would take him without a more formal commitment. Don't get me wrong, I was 100% willing to do long distance.  So, after meticulous contemplation I decided to poetically tell Kyle how I felt. It came out like this. "I love you. However, I'm not going to move with you unless we are engaged or married. A long distance relationship is completely fine too!" I have such a way with words... ;)

Kyle of course, a poet himself, immediately asked "well how long does it take to plan a wedding?" I told him it depended on what we wanted to do, but usually about 9 months. Kyle said "what the hell?! This is the shit they should be teaching you in school! We needed to get engaged like three months ago then!!" 
And so the ring shopping began...
We did look at engagement rings together, but ultimately Kyle picked out my ring on his own. I figured he wouldn't be able to surprise me with a proposal because, well, spending lots of money hurts his soul. haha! But sure enough, I had no idea when he purchased my ring! He even held on to it for weeks before asking me to marry him!
Anyway, one evening in August 2010, I had just gotten home from work and Kyle suggested we take the dogs for a walk downtown Knoxville, by the river. This wasn't terribly abnormal, it was one of our favorite places to walk the dogs and one of our first running routes together. On the drive to the river, Kyle wasn't nervous or acting strange, he was just in a great mood! 

Once we got to the river and had been walking for a minute, we stopped at some bench swings. Again, not abnormal. We sat down and Kyle whips out his wallet....and removes the most beautiful ring ever...from the cash envelope section. If you know Kyle, this is so him! No ring box. Just rolling around with a diamond ring in his wallet. :) He said marriage proposal-y things and of course I agreed. 

Kyle and I are pretty private people, so a public or grandiose proposal isn't our style. He kept things simple, meaningful and true to our lives -- perfect for us! I was so happy he thought to bring our dogs with us on this special night. Schatzi is such an important part of my life, and LT made our little family, whole.

We totally lingered on that bench. Just the four of us, soaking up the moment, talking and fantasizing about whats to come. The wedding, moving, babies, nursing homes... the whole nine! I have no idea how long we walked and talked that night, but it was absolutely perfect! When we made it back to the car I called my parents to tell them our news, only to find out they kind of knew all along! Well, they knew Kyle had a ring and planned to propose, but didn't know when it was going to happen. (Note: Kyle did not ask my parent's "permission" to marry me, because no! No, no, no! But he did tell them what he was cooking up. ;) His parents knew too.)

No more cliff hangers, you can read part 3, our wedding story here!
All photos from this post were taken by Jennie Andrews Photography

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