10 March 2015

If Kyle Were So Inclined...

Oh the coveted push present. Yeah yeah, women get this wonderful new baby from the whole birthing ordeal. But was getting a husband out of the wedding good enough? I think I recall getting a ring or two out of that major life event... ;) 
Of course I'm just being materialistic. There is truly no better gift in the world than a child and Kyle has graciously given me TWO of them! So a "push present" is really just a gesture of appreciation and love, for those who gestate. Wildly unnecessary, yet incredibly sweet. 
Now, I didn't get a push present when Mallory was born. In fact, I distinctly remember a conversation with Kyle about push presents during my first pregnancy...
Me : So you know women sometimes get gifts from their husbands after they deliver the baby.

Kyle : You f*%!'n kidding me?! The kid isn't enough?

Me : Haaaa! It's more of a "thanks for growing my child for the past nine months then squeezing him/her out of your vagina" kind of thing...

Kyle : So you want me to not only remain conscious during our kid's birth but also have some freaking gift for you?! You're out of your mind.

Me : ________
Buuuuuut in the name of wishful thinking, I'm throwing a wish list out there anyway. Worth a shot, right?
push present guide
one || Tiny Tags necklace. I think this piece of jewelry is so beautiful and feminine. These necklaces can be completely customized and added to as the family grows. Everything I read about this company and the quality of their jewelry is fantastic!
two || A classic, high quality handbag. I think the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is such a timeless and versatile bag. Personally, I love seeing bags like this used as diaper bags then on to carry the randomness that goes along with toddlerhood. These are also great as a carry on or overnight night even an everyday purse. Can't go wrong with a Louis...
three || Everyone deserves a beautiful set of pearls. I'm an earring gal, but a pearl necklace or bracelet would also be a great option. Pearls can be worn casually or for formal affairs and never go out of style. 
four || Rings.  (Ok Kyle, you still reading? This is number four. Consider it highlighted, bolded and starred.) I absolutely adore the idea of adding a band to your wedding/engagement ring stack for each child. There is tons of inspiration floating around Pinterest for this idea. (Check out this pin and this one to get the juices flown'.) I loooovve the two toned look and think this ring would be really special. Or this one. ooooooor something like this. ;) 
five || A birth stone bracelet. David Yurman makes beautiful, layerable bracelets that come in all different birthstones. This is a stunning option that takes the guess work out of any future push presents-- new baby, means another David Yurman with the new additions birthstone. Simple, stunning and special. Check, check, aaaand check!
six || A nice watch. Watches are always going to be in style and look classy and sophisticated. You can really take this gift up a notch by having your child's birthdate engraved on the back. 
I think the biggest thing to consider when hunting for the perfect push present is mileage. Is this something that baby mama is going to want/use/treasure forever? If you are going the push present route (you know, other than the baby) in my mind this is a wedding ring caliber gift. No pressure. ;)
Did you get a push present? Any other ideas? Do you think push presents are totally ridiculous? Hit me!

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