19 March 2015

Spring Wish List (s)

Is it spring yet?! We've officially reached that awkward point here in Alaska where we are abandoning all hope for the fluffy white stuff and just want spring to hurry it on up! In Alaska, "spring" is a bit different than in other places in the US. Our spring is short, cool and soggy, but we LOVE it all the same. My current bed rest situation as freed up far too many hours to shop online. Suffice it to say, my wish lists are out. of. control! I thought I would give you a little flavor of the things I've been gravitating towards for this upcoming spring--both fashion and beauty. 

Lets start with the fashion. I will be lugging around a newborn and a toddler this spring, so comfort and function are key. I'm excited to get my groove back and wear things that are a little bit more fitted to motivate me to get my booty in gear! Most of the pieces I've been picking can work in just about every season depending on how they are styled. More bang for my buck? Yes please!

one || two || three || four || five || six || seven || eight

You're shocked to see a beauty wish list of mine that is full of lip products, aren't you? ;) I already have quite the extensive MAC lipstick wish list going on, but these two colors just scream spring to me, so they are jumping to the top. All of the other products are things I've never owned before, but my favorite gurus absolutely sing their praises sooo... Ok fine, I haven't actually heard too much about the Dolce & Gabbana lip gloss, but the color is stunning and...does G&B ever do it wrong

one || two || three || four || five || six

Stay tuned for A Spring Wish List Kid's Edition and don't forget the Nordstrom Triple Points Event is going on now through the 22nd! (See my Nordstrom picks here.)

What are you wishing for this spring? 
Happy Wednesday!

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