31 March 2015

Spring Fashion || Kid's Edition

About a week ago, I shared my personal fashion & beauty wish lists for spring and promised one for the kiddos in our life. I still can't entirely wrap my head around dressing Mallory in anything but functional play clothes (read : Do toddlers really wear white skinny jeans, sun dresses, maxi skirts, etc??) I think I've managed to find plenty of equally cute, practical pieces for toddler girls.  

Take a look at some things I have my eye on for Mallory!

toddler girl spring clothing
tank top || sun hat || rain jacket || shorts || swimsuit || jeans || jellies || rain boots || striped shoes

Baby boy fashion?! What??? Speaking of not being able to wrap my head around something...am I really shopping for BOY clothing?! In a few short weeks I will be dressing a BOY! Eeeeek! Before we hop into the baby boy fashion wish list, can we please talk about how many fewer clothing options there are for boys? I mean browsing through the baby/kids clothing sections in Target, it seems there are about 1/3 as many options for little boys as their are girls! I thought dressing boys was supposed to be easier... 

Regardless, here are some of the things I'd like to see baby Woody sporting during the warmer months this year.

baby boy spring clothing
baseball hat || gray bodysuit || camo shorts || shoes || jacket || t-shirt || swim trunks || sunglasses

Tell me, do you go for function over style for your little's clothing? And what's up with the boys section?!

shop the kid's looks here ::

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