12 March 2015

St. Patrick's Day Inspiration

Perhaps only because I love the color green, but St. Patrick's day is kind of a fun little holiday, isn't it? We don't do anything for St. Patrick's Day other than wear some green, throw a festive print or two up around the house, eat shepherd's pie and drink green beer (or milk if you're either a toddler or gestating.) I really enjoyed throwing together my favorite St. Patrick's Day "things" last year. So thanks to Pinterest and a little childhood resentment (read what I'm talking about here), I'm back at it this year for round two! ;)

St. Patrick's Day Fun

one || Pinterest moms making us uncreative folk look bad since 1943 (ha! or whenever)... I mean how simple is this lucky breakfast?! Surely I could pull something like this off in our house...

two || Two years going strong with this green nail polish! I love the brush and price point offered by this Sally Hansen polish. Even it's name is festive, I mean come on... Dare I say I like this one better than "Jade Is The New Black"?! You decide.

three || I have a confession. I didn't actually purchase this women's tee... because I'm massive. But it's cute. So, so cute! Were I not with child, this would be my jam. Instead I will be wearing one of Kyle's green flannel button ups...

four || I guess since I'm one of those moms who made a hashtag of her kid's name, my daughter can sport this #lucky tee, right? I love that it's gender neutral so baby Woody can wear it next year. #cheap #handmedownsforlyfe

five || This is our family's Shepherd's Pie recipe. :) We make this year round since it's one of Kyle's favorite dishes, but it's especially fun around St. Patrick's day. 

Shepherd's Pie Recipe

six || We picked up this garland from Target the other day for a whopping $3. It's cheap, easy and festive, why not?! Ours hangs proud in our living room between two mason jar fixtures. 

seven || Aaannnnd Pinterest swoops in again with a pretty st. patrick's day breakfast! Toss some green food coloring in with your favorite pancake recipe and call yourself a cool mom. Yessssss!

eight || I created these two prints for our kitchen and you're welcome to download them for your own home if you'd like. Just right click and BAM! 8x10 goodness. 

St. Patrick's Day Print
St. Patrick's Day Print

What do you have going on this St. Patrick's Day? Have a green beer for me, won't you?

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