04 March 2015


Hi there! I wanted to just pop in today to give you a quick update. If you follow me on Instagram, then you are already aware that I've been in the hospital for the past couple of days.
My blood pressure has started to creep up and because of my history with severe pre-eclampsia, my doctors feel it's best to monitor me and baby in the hospital. At this point my diagnosis is simply gestational hypertension which is now being managed with medication. I have also received steroid injections to help the baby's lungs  should we need to deliver early. Baby has already had one growth scan and looks great! He is also having twice daily non-stress tests while we are here which have been going perfectly. Our goal is to stay pregnant until 36 weeks. (I'm currently 30 weeks and 3 days.)
The plan as of last night is for me to remain in the hospital through the end of this week. Pending another favorable growth scan of baby and stable blood pressures, I can continue bed rest and medications from HOME!
Of course I'm no stranger to the hospital and have trained myself to think of my time in hospitals as a vacation of sorts. A time when I'm not responsible for taking care of myself. Let me tell you, all of that brain training has turned to shit now that I have Mallory. Being away from her for the first time in her life is quite possibly one of the most emotionally challenging things I've faced. Of course SHE is as happy as a clam playing at her friend's house while Kyle is at work. (Thank God for loving friends.)  This mama however, total freaking basket case. Someone have a beer or six for me, please!
In other news, my cancer scan from last week came back clear!!! Cheers to that! 

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