07 April 2015

Graphic Tees For Spring

One of the things I'm learning as I blindly fumble through my "fashion crisis" is that I really love graphic t-shirts. They can be dressed up with a skirt and some heels or styled more casually with some distressed boyfriend jeans and sneakers. I find that black and white are graphic tees are generally the way to go as they are the most versatile. The biggest issue I have found with purchases graphic tees is as soon as I find something I like, they are sold out! These babies can't stay in stock! For example, just as I was getting ready to click "checkout" on this one...poof! GONE! #firstworldproblems

Here are a few of the tees I'm hoping to get my hands on before it's too late...

women's graphic t-shirts

one || two || three || four || five || six

Have you seen any good tees lately? Tell me quick!

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