29 April 2015

Michael's Birth Story || Part Two

In case you missed part one, you can find it here!

*I don't think I put a shirt on until Michael was about 8 hours old, so many photos from his birth weren't internet appropriate. You'll have to forgive me because many of these photos don't necessarily correspond to the story.*
We left off with the contractions intensifying around 10am... 
Around that time I abandoned my bed for a slightly more comfortable position, standing and swaying/pacing. Quickly I remembered why labor sucks ha! Isn't it amazing how nearly the instant you deliver your child, all the pain is forgotten? I think I even took a moment to share some expletives with my mom.
Anyway, I asked for my epidural at this point. 
At about 10:45am Molly text me saying she was walking into the hospital and would see us soon. She arrived just a few minutes before the anesthesiologist did. I was so relieved to have her back! 
awesome nurses
My beautiful, talented, and loving friend Molly. 
The anesthesiologist did his thing, got my epidural going and was on his way! Molly checked me as he was leaving and discovered that I was at 7cm! (So 4cm to 7cm in an hour.) Finally some progress! About as fast as she got her hand outta there, I told her I was feeling burning and pressure. Another contraction came, more burning. Then another... Molly decided to go for it and check me again. Bam! 10cm and 100% effaced. It was go time! 
She called the doctor in and it was time to push! My first push, not very impressive. But, just three pushes after that, at 11:47am our beautiful son was born!
baby born at 36 weeks
With his umbilical cord wrapped tightly around his neck. Twice. 
There was no ceremonial cutting of the cord. No reaching down and "catching" my baby as I had so cherished with Mallory. No immediate skin to skin.  Just my son being whisked over to the warmer by the NICU team. 
I laid there, with tears running down my face, looking over at Kyle and what I could see of my son. I was terrified. What is wrong with him? What if he was really not ready to be born? Why couldn't my body just cooperate and keep my baby safe? Dozens of scary and negative thoughts were flooding my mind...then I heard "Amanda, he's ok! He is in great hands." Molly was snapping me out of it. She was able to keep me from assuming the worst and slipping into a panic. I don't know how many times she said "he is ok" but I believed her. Then, Kyle finally looked up at me, grinned and nodded. Michael was fine. 
baby born at 36 weeks
The NICU team did a couple of other things with the baby and let Kyle "trim" the umbilical cord as a consolation then brought him over to me. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but suffice it to say it was an incredible moment. 
preeclampsia birth story
preeclampsia birth story

preeclampsia birth story
Our incredible moment was disrupted by my doctor telling Molly that "it's been thirty minutes, we are going to need to get her in the operating room." Ummmm...
Apparently Michael forgot to pack his bags before he vacated the womb and left the placenta behind! (Or because I went from 4cm/20% effaced to baby in my arms in two hours--whichever reason seems more practical to you ;)) You could tell by the atmosphere in the room that this was not an emergency. Nobody was freaking out. I crave calm in situations like this which is exactly why I wanted Molly there. Calm is contagious and calm is what I got! Anyway, Kyle had time to ask the questions he needed to and I had time to snuggle and breastfeed my baby. Perfect! 
Just as the anesthesiologist came back in to load me up for surgery, I asked for 5 more minutes. There was one more thing we needed to do--get my mom! I have learned over the years, thanks to cancer, that my mom needs to see what is going on in order to not panic and well, I just needed a hug from my mama! She was in the waiting room with Mallory receiving what were surely cryptic text messages from Kyle about what was going on. I sent Kyle out to trade places with her for a second so I could personally tell her and show her that everything was perfectly fine. 
big sister t-shirt

dad during childbirth
Ok now we can go get that placenta! Oh wait! "Molly, you're coming, right?" She was. Phew! Off we went. Kyle and Michael stayed in our room to do some skin to skin and have Michael's initial check up. 
The surgery was uneventful, just how I like them. Aside from becoming friends with the anesthesiologist and taking my friendship with Molly to a whole. new. level. (having your legs spread and hanging in the air exposing your bare ass AFTER childbirth will do that), there is nothing exciting to report. Molly took me to the recovery room and immediately called to have Kyle and Michael brought to me. 
dad during childbirth
Kyle taking the task of completing birth certificate paperwork VERY seriously. "How do you spell Michael? What's your middle name? Do we live within city limits? You may want to double check all of this."
I guess I don't really have a  romantic way to end this post. As far as "birth" goes, at this point the placenta is out which concludes my birth story, right? ;) We spent a total of 3 days in the hospital while Michael completed a few additional tests because he was premature. He only lost 3oz during our stay in the hospital, and by his 3 day weight check was well past his birth weight! (So thankful to have a good eater this time around!) My blood pressure has already stabilized and I'm off all medications for that. I think that's it!
newborn going home

little brother t-shirt
Welcome to the world Michael Robert!

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